Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SSPX Not In Schism - Diocese of Scranton

For those of you on the fence regarding the SSPX, allow me to give you some information which was apparently ignored by the modernists of the Scranton Diocese when they decided it was bad for your soul to attend the SSPX Mass.

This comes from the website Renew America

April 10, 2007
Cardinal Castrillón: SSPX not in schism
Catholics who attend SSPX masses not schismatic

By Brian Mershon

From the March 31 issue of The Remnant

Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos has repeatedly affirmed that the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) is not a case of formal schism on at least five separate occasions in public interviews, as recently as March 17 and over the past 2-1/2 years. Msgr. Camille Perl, long-time secretary for the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (PCED), has repeatedly affirmed in personal letters that such Catholics incur no penalty and no sin for merely fulfilling one's Sunday obligation at a church or chapel served by the SSPX.

"Signs of the Times" Show SSPX Not Schismatic

The primary question this article will attempt to answer, through a reading of "the signs of the times" as the Second Vatican Council encouraged us to do, is what the present attitude and position of the Church is, as viewed through many recent articles and correspondence from the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (PCED), and particularly, Cardinal Castrillón.

Are Catholics who attend SSPX chapels out of necessity truly attempting to be "more Catholic than the pope?"

Cardinal Castrillón's most recent interview with an Italian journalist published on March 17, 2007, repeats this affirmation that while there may be a danger of schism and/or heresy for some priests and bishops within the SSPX, theirs is not a formal schism.

Cardinal Castrillón: Church Esteems Fruitful Life of Archbishop Lefebvre

Catholic journalist Simone Ortolani published this most recent interview on the Nihil Obstat Catholic website. His Eminence re-emphasized that the motu proprio easing restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass was with the pope for his action, just as Msgr. Michael Schmitz of the Institute of Christ the King said in two recent interviews. Ortolani asked Cardinal Castrillón if Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre would be rehabilitated by the Church. Cardinal Castrillón's response follows:

Retracing the complete life story of Archbishop Lefebvre, we are certain of the great esteem and appreciation of the Church for him. He was considered worthy of being an Archbishop, Apostolic Delegate, Superior General of his religious congregation; by speaking to people who knew him during the exercise of his ministry, the fecundity of his life is discovered.

Yet, with the same clarity, according to the most genuine tradition of the Church, it cannot be accepted that a bishop may consecrate another bishop without pontifical mandate, or that the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Councils, and in particular for their importance, in Ecumenical Councils, can be disputed.

Archbishop Lefebvre — it is important to stress this — signed the documents of the Second Vatican Council, even though he was critical towards them, either regarding the texts, or regarding their interpretation. read more...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bambera Disapproves - Diocese Of Scranton

Well done! But only after many letters were written to the Bishop does he exhibit any backbone.

The bishop of the Diocese of Scranton is publicly expressing his disapproval with the University of Scranton for allowing a former U.S. congresswoman who supported abortion access bills to speak on campus.

Marjorie Margolies, who represented a suburban Philadelphia congressional district from 1993-1995, is the keynote speaker for a Jan. 28 program for women who want to run for office. The "Ready to Run" program is a partnership with the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University and is advertised as a non-partisan event for women who want to run for office, work on a campaign or learn more about the political system.

Bishop Joseph C. Bambera asked that the university withdraw the invitation to Margolies, and the university refused, according to a diocesan news release. Efforts to reach a university spokesman were not immediately successful this morning.

The Way To Receive Approval? - Diocese Of Scranton

Wow. Sandro Magister has a post today about the Vatican's supposed approval of the Neocatechumenal Way's mess...uh, "mass". If this happens, if these Protestants in Catholic clothing are able to get their "liturgy" approved it will set back the all of the good things we have seen in the past few years regarding getting the liturgy back on track. Does anyone else find it curious that Archbishop Annibale Bugnini the chief architect of the post conciliar liturgical reform was instrumental in forming the theological mind of The Way's co-founder Carmen Hernandez? Did you also know it was Bugnini, along with the two co-founders that came up with the name Neocatechumenal Way?

Of course, the Neocatechumenal Way has it's talons into the Scranton Diocese. Former Bishop of Scranton Joseph Martino praised the NW and allowed them to flourish, and be sure that the latest man sitting on the big chair welcomes them enthusiastically as well. These progressives can concoct anything they want, call it a "mass" and the Bishops accept it. But try getting your child baptized by a priest of the Diocese in the Traditional manner and they act as if you are asking for an offering of gold. Try asking for the Old Mass at your parish. Try to find a priest in this Diocese that has Traditional leanings that hasn't been harassed by the powers that be in some way.

Progressives do as they please. The rest of us are made to feel as though we are trouble makers for expecting the church to do as she has always done, but not recently mind you - condemn heresies, show us the way and save our souls. But that's too much to ask.
ROME, January 13, 2012 – As on other occasions in the past, this January as well, on Friday the 20th, Benedict XVI will meet in the audience hall of the Vatican with thousands of members of the Neocatechumenal Way, with their founders and leaders, the Spaniards Francisco "Kiko" Argüello and Carmen Hernández.

One year ago, at the audience of January 17, 2011, the pope told the enthusiastic audience that the thirteen volumes of the catechism in use in their communities had received the longed-for approval, after a very lengthy examination begun in 1997 by the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, and after numerous corrections had been introduced, with about 2000 references to parallel passages of the official catechism of the Catholic Church.

Next January 20, however, the leaders and members of the Way expect from the supreme authorities of the Church an even more ardently desired "placet." The official and definitive approval of what is their most visible, but also most controversial, distinctive trait: the way in which they celebrate the Mass. Read more....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Santorum Is Latin For "Strong Pro Life Conservative So He'll Never Get The Votes Of The Typical Catholics In The Pews" - Diocese Of Scranton

Will a "Traddie" be the next President? That's the question asked by ThePathLessTaken blog.

I make no predictions, we'll just have to see how he does in the upcoming primaries. But he'd better improve on yesterdays sorry results.

Blimey! Is it conceivable that a ‘Traddie’ will be the next president of America, and go with his six kids to live in The White House? There can only be one person that fits the description of goes-to-a-Mass-in-Latin, home schools all six of his kids, and is also running for president: Rick Santorum. The question is; might he home-school in The White House? Until recently, conservative Catholic Santorum has been under the radar. And in all honesty, when I heard a description of him I thought, ‘that can’t be, there must be some mistake, no one who is Catholic-of-a-traditional-mindset and totally pro-life could ever even think of becoming the president of America!’ Like a lot of ‘Traditional Catholics’, I endure my Holden-Caulfield’esque inferiority complex and I often think that the highest positions in politics are somehow off-limits to us devout Catholics. Thank you, Santorum, for proving me and your cynics wrong. read more....

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Epiphany! - Diocese Of Scranton

I went to Mass with my family yesterday to a small parish in Luzerne County. The retired priest that offered up the Mass did a good job, he actually read the words written in the book and everything, unlike the normal parish priest from this particular church, whom I have seen on several occasions making stuff up as he goes along.

I sat there hoping for a good 'ole theologically sound homily from the seasoned veteran priest.

My hopes were dashed.

The Deacon, proudly wearing his rainbow colored stole proceeded to explain to us how the United States and it's penchant for racism and warfare has kept the Epiphany, or as he called it "God's Peace" at bay.

Deacon started out by reminding us that it is an election year. I thought maybe he was going to inform the congregation about voting pro life.

Instead he went on a diversity and social justice tirade.

Did you know that American hatred for Native Americans brought us the War of 1812? Never mind that pesky Britain was up to it's old tricks.
Did you know, that the US got into WWII because we were racist against Asian people? Were we racist against white Germans and Italians as well I suppose?
And again the same charge was made for Korea and Vietnam.
And of course we hate Mexicans, Muslims, and Arabs.

Not too much about the actual Epiphany, just the Deacons take on why we will never achieve God's peace.

We're all racists.

Thanks Deacon.

I'm curious if anywhere in the Diocese of Scranton if any priest OTHER than the FSSP and SSPX priests blessed Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, the Epiphany Water and Chalk? Did any of you priests set up times to go and do the traditional blessings of your parishioners homes? If not, why?

God Bless You!