Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Vicar for Pocono!

Well it seems that Rev. Andrew Sinnott, the current pastor at St. Patrick's and St. Boniface churches, Wilkes-Barre is off to a new post: Episcopal Vicar for the Pocono Region.

No new pastor has as yet been named.

Now, in this period of church closings, look for one of these two to close. My money is on St. Boniface. The school there recently closed, they have canceled their bazaar, and with the other 5 churches within walking distance, there is really no reason to keep it open.

St. Pat's has it's problems as well, but with a brand spanking new $100,000 heating and cooling system, they would be crazy to close it. I also happen to know Bishop Martino loves the place.

So we'll see.

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