Saturday, October 31, 2009


According to her website,, Tina Polachek Gartley, the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge candidate is "...the fresh face that we need in the courthouse in Luzerne County. Though Tina may be new to the political arena, she has a wealth of experience in the courtroom." Her site goes on to explain "...Tina and her family are neither political nor connected. She was raised by her mother, a nurse, and her father, a school bus driver, to be honest and fair."


She is new to the political arena, and she's not connected?

Honest and Fair?

I asked her this straightforward question on Facebook today:

Stephen Lewis
Is it true you contributed to Mark Ciavarella's retention campaign in 2005? 6 hours ago

Her reply:

Tina Polachek Gartley
No. Untrue. 5 hours ago

So I decided to go to the PA Department of State Website and and check the campaign finance reports.

And guess what I found?

Contribution Details5
PLAINS,&nbspPA &nbsp18705
Description:Monetary Contribution-
Report:2005 Cycle 5
Go to Top
Go to Bottom

So Tina, is that your final answer?

And I would also like to suggest that you come clean about being a political outsider. A cursory glance through the campaign finance reports since 2000 show that both you and your husband Scott are frequent campaign donors to people such as:

Martin Kane For Magistrate $100
Chester Muroski Retention $200
Phyllis Mundy $200
Brian O'Donnell For State Rep $1,000

And you gave yourself $4,500.

Plus your husband Scott gave money to help retain Michael Conahan of all people.

Additionally, your campaign took $1,000 from the friends of Maryanne Petrilla.

So do you think you should claim on your website that your family is neither political nor connected?

And why would you lie to me about something so easily verified? Did you think I was some Luzerne County bumpkin, incapable of checking claims made by politicians?

During this terrible time for our county, the people are in dire need of politicans who are "honest and fair", they must impeccable in order to gain our trust. Now we see you don't fit that description.

Hopefully Luzerne County will say 'no' to you before it's too late.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Foul Ball!

The following article was submitted in a slightly shorter form to the New York Times as an op-ed article by Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan. The Times declined to publish it. I thought you might be interested in reading it.

By Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan
Archbishop of New York

October is the month we relish the highpoint of our national pastime, especially when one of our own New York teams is in the World Series!

Sadly, America has another national pastime, this one not pleasant at all: anti-catholicism.

It is not hyperbole to call prejudice against the Catholic Church a national pastime. Scholars such as Arthur Schlesinger Sr. referred to it as “the deepest bias in the history of the American people,” while John Higham described it as “the most luxuriant, tenacious tradition of paranoiac agitation in American history.” “The anti-semitism of the left,” is how Paul Viereck reads it, and Professor Philip Jenkins sub-titles his book on the topic “the last acceptable prejudice.”

If you want recent evidence of this unfairness against the Catholic Church, look no further than a few of these following examples of occurrences over the last couple weeks:

  • On October 14, in the pages of the New York Times, reporter Paul Vitello exposed the sad extent of child sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community. According to the article, there were forty cases of such abuse in this tiny community last year alone. Yet the Times did not demand what it has called for incessantly when addressing the same kind of abuse by a tiny minority of priests: release of names of abusers, rollback of statute of limitations, external investigations, release of all records, and total transparency. Instead, an attorney is quoted urging law enforcement officials to recognize “religious sensitivities,” and no criticism was offered of the DA’s office for allowing Orthodox rabbis to settle these cases “internally.” Given the Catholic Church’s own recent horrible experience, I am hardly in any position to criticize our Orthodox Jewish neighbors, and have no wish to do so . . . but I can criticize this kind of “selective outrage.”

Of course, this selective outrage probably should not surprise us at all, as we have seen many other examples of the phenomenon in recent years when it comes to the issue of sexual abuse. To cite but two: In 2004, Professor Carol Shakeshaft documented the wide-spread problem of sexual abuse of minors in our nation’s public schools (the study can be found here). In 2007, the Associated Press issued a series of investigative reports that also showed the numerous examples of sexual abuse by educators against public school students. Both the Shakeshaft study and the AP reports were essentially ignored, as papers such as the New York Times only seem to have priests in their crosshairs.

  • On October 16, Laurie Goodstein of the Times offered a front page, above-the-fold story on the sad episode of a Franciscan priest who had fathered a child. Even taking into account that the relationship with the mother was consensual and between two adults, and that the Franciscans have attempted to deal justly with the errant priest’s responsibilities to his son, this action is still sinful, scandalous, and indefensible. However, one still has to wonder why a quarter-century old story of a sin by a priest is now suddenly more pressing and newsworthy than the war in Afghanistan, health care, and starvation–genocide in Sudan. No other cleric from religions other than Catholic ever seems to merit such attention.
  • Five days later, October 21, the Times gave its major headline to the decision by the Vatican to welcome Anglicans who had requested union with Rome. Fair enough. Unfair, though, was the article’s observation that the Holy See lured and bid for the Anglicans. Of course, the reality is simply that for years thousands of Anglicans have been asking Rome to be accepted into the Catholic Church with a special sensitivity for their own tradition. As Cardinal Walter Kasper, the Vatican’s chief ecumenist, observed, “We are not fishing in the Anglican pond.” Not enough for the Times; for them, this was another case of the conniving Vatican luring and bidding unsuspecting, good people, greedily capitalizing on the current internal tensions in Anglicanism.
  • Finally, the most combustible example of all came Sunday with an intemperate and scurrilous piece by Maureen Dowd on the opinion pages of the Times. In a diatribe that rightly never would have passed muster with the editors had it so criticized an Islamic, Jewish, or African-American religious issue, she digs deep into the nativist handbook to use every anti-Catholic caricature possible, from the Inquisition to the Holocaust, condoms, obsession with sex, pedophile priests, and oppression of women, all the while slashing Pope Benedict XVI for his shoes, his forced conscription -- along with every other German teenage boy -- into the German army, his outreach to former Catholics, and his recent welcome to Anglicans.

True enough, the matter that triggered her spasm -- the current visitation of women religious by Vatican representatives -- is well-worth discussing, and hardly exempt from legitimate questioning. But her prejudice, while maybe appropriate for the Know-Nothing newspaper of the 1850’s, the Menace, has no place in a major publication today.

I do not mean to suggest that anti-catholicism is confined to the pages New York Times. Unfortunately, abundant examples can be found in many different venues. I will not even begin to try and list the many cases of anti-catholicism in the so-called entertainment media, as they are so prevalent they sometimes seem almost routine and obligatory. Elsewhere, last week, Representative Patrick Kennedy made some incredibly inaccurate and uncalled-for remarks concerning the Catholic bishops, as mentioned in this blog on Monday. Also, the New York State Legislature has levied a special payroll tax to help the Metropolitan Transportation Authority fund its deficit. This legislation calls for the public schools to be reimbursed the cost of the tax; Catholic schools, and other private schools, will not receive the reimbursement, costing each of the schools thousands – in some cases tens of thousands – of dollars, money that the parents and schools can hardly afford. (Nor can the archdiocese, which already underwrites the schools by $30 million annually.) Is it not an issue of basic fairness for ALL school-children and their parents to be treated equally?

The Catholic Church is not above criticism. We Catholics do a fair amount of it ourselves. We welcome and expect it. All we ask is that such critique be fair, rational, and accurate, what we would expect for anybody. The suspicion and bias against the Church is a national pastime that should be “rained out” for good.

I guess my own background in American history should caution me not to hold my breath.

Then again, yesterday was the Feast of Saint Jude, the patron saint of impossible causes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SSPX And Rome...

...moving towards a personal prelature? Bishop Fellay indicated in a Spanish interview, that Pope Benedict is planning for a canonical structure for the Society of traditional Catholics.

Very interesting if this is how it turns out. Since a personal prelature would give the Society an organization independent of the diocesan structure, liberal Bishops would not be able to keep the Society out of their diocese. His Holiness is very shrewdly setting up the Society as THE center of traditional Catholicism in the church, and rightly so.

More as we hear it.

Continue praying for His Holiness and the SSPX.

Look at that picture of Bishop Fellay. That's how a Bishop is supposed to look!

Bishop Traddy?

After much debate and personal reflection, I have decided to run a write-in campaign for the vacant Bishop seat we currently have in the Diocese. If someone is interested in the Auxiliary Bishop spot, let me know and we can run as a team.

If you vote for me, I will make all priests wear cassocks. No more short sleeve shirts with tab collars. They can get much further with the Lord if they learn not to offend his eyes.

If you vote for me, I will close any church that remotely resembles a Pizza Hut.

If you vote for me, I will take the money from the Annual Appeal, buy the building Planned Parenthood operates from, and evict them. We can do this continually every year just to piss them off.

That's just a starting place. I have plenty more ideas if you vote me.

Remember on Tuesday, Vote Traddy For Bishop!

For County Dems, It's Corruption As Usual

Queen MaryanneMaryanne Petrilla, the current ruler of Luzerne County told a private citizen to 'watch' himself when he questioned why she and the election board were conducting public business behind closed doors. She also told him, and I'm paraphrasing "That's the way it's been done in this courthouse for a hundred years."

2011 is coming sooner than you think, Maryanne.

From yesterday's GOP press release:

According to Commissioner Petrilla at an Elections Board Meeting held today at 10 a.m. in the Luzerne County Courthouse, Elections Bureau Director Leonard Piazza sought and received private, closed-door approval from herself and fellow-Democrat Commissioner Greg Skrepenak to reinsert straight-party language back into the ballot on September 16th, 2009. This decision was made just one month after the County Elections Board voted to remove similar language from the ballot at a public meeting after hearing complaints from voters who found it to be confusing. At today’s meeting, Piazza also confirmed that he ordered absentee ballots with the new language on September 22, 2009.

So here we see Lenny Piazza ordering the ballots on September 22nd, before the Commissioners allowed public input and held a dog and pony show vote in favor of the new language on October 13. How can he order ballots before the vote is official? Because Petrilla and the county gorilla Greg Skrepenak had already made up their minds.

Back room deals are great, aren't they?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Did you know Congress only defunded ACORN for ONE month?

The resolution defunding ACORN expires Saturday.

Who Do You Trust?

I attended the Luzerne County Judicial debate tonight.

I didn't care too much for Tina Polachek Gartley. She said one of the reasons she got into the race was for "diversity". Which pretty much translates to "I'm a woman, so vote for me."

Richard Hughes was stiff and unapproachable. After seeing his smiling face all over billboards in the county, I was surprised he was so frowny.

Bill Amesbury, who reminded us about 17 times that he was a district magisterial judge was personable, smiley, and was the only candidate who went out of his way to 'press the flesh' and speak to me. He may have put himself at a disadvantage when he said he would only serve 8 1/2 years of his 10 year term if elected. We'll see on tuesday.

Did you watch the debate? What did you think?

It's Choosin' Time!

Today, in 1964, Ronald Reagan’s “A Time For Choosing” speech in support of Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater was broadcast on the nation’s airwaves. Just 16 years later, Reagan righted our listing ship.

Thanks to Big Government

Good Times

Six people have complained that a t-shirt being sold at Penn State University shops has 'religious connotations'. 30,000 of the shirts have been sold.

The fact that six people have even complained is nonsensical. Someone with a liberal viewpoint that has been educated in a liberal school system who probably has 6 or 7 last place trophies even contacted the Anti-Defamation League to force the college into their way of thinking.

Here's my take on this.

If you don't like something, don't buy, read, or look at it. That's a pretty simple concept. Don't contact some organization that specializes in creating victims and who vilifies creators of something that you for some reason find offensive. OK?

Then I wouldn't have to spend 10 minutes of my morning writing about what an ass you are.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun Times Tuesday Night!

Yours truly has been invited by the Hughes for Judge campaign to be a guest at the final judicial debate Tuesday at 8pm at WVIA studios on Old Boston Road, Pittston. Luzerne County residents should come on by and hear what the candidates have to say. Or at least watch it on tv. These are important issues we will be discussing.

I am hoping that the judges up for retention will make a surprise appearance to beg for their next million dollar decade in office. I love when public officials grovel.

And when Peter Paul Olszewski loses his seat next week, be sure to look for the loser of the judicial contest *cough*Bill Amesbury*cough* to run for that vacancy if they should call for a special election.

And let me leave you with this: No matter where you live, there are certain to be politicians up for re-election next week. Vote them out. Only if we can manage to get a fresh start can we begin to emerge from the Obama nightmare we can't seem to currently awaken from.

Start from scratch, people. We started once before from scratch, we need to do it again.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here It Is!

The "National Emergency!"

Let's see what he does next.

New Pastoral Letter

October 15, 2009

Dear Priests, Deacons, Religious and Faithful People of the Diocese of Scranton,

In the words of Saint Peter the Apostle I greet you: “Peace to all of you who are in Christ” (2 Pt 5:14).

On August 31, I was appointed by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI to serve as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Scranton. In the six weeks that have passed since the time of that appointment, life has moved on.

Children have returned to the routine of school. Parish activities, which often quiet down during the summer months, now abound. Some parishioners have faced the pain of seeing their parish churches close and the challenge of worshipping in new places with new people. So many individuals and groups still serve the poor during these difficult economic times. The blessings of births and marriages continue to be celebrated. And many of the faithful have had to let go of loved ones in death. As a Diocese, we recently said farewell to a dedicated priest of 53 years: Father Hilary Malinowski.

For me personally, I have been touched by the kindness of the faithful of the Diocese of Scranton. I was most cordially welcomed by many of you at the La Festa Italiana Mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral in early September. A few days later, I was blessed with the opportunity to pray with the priests of the Diocese of Scranton. I look forward to future visits with you in the weeks and months ahead.

Yes, life goes on. But for us as a Church, these days are not routine. During this time of transition as we await the appointment of a new Bishop, we have been given a unique opportunity to come together in prayer as a people of faith. May we use this time of transition well by continuing to work together to fulfill the mission of the Church. May we remember to pray for our beloved Diocese and for the new Bishop who will be chosen to lead the faithful. And may we always look for help to Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother.

In the Church, life always goes on with joyful anticipation of the future because the Risen Christ journeys with us. May you be strengthened by His loving presence and experience His peace.

Sincerely in Christ,

Cardinal Justin Rigali
Apostolic Administrator
Diocese of Scranton

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will The Third Time Be The Charm?

I think Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta rocks the casbah.

I voted for him for Congress over hooligan Paul Kanjorski.

In today's Times Leader Mr. Barletta admitted to "considering" another go at his nemesis.

I have mixed feelings over this. If Louie couldn't beat him after airing video where Kanjo admitted to LYING to the American people, I don't know if he can beat him now.

Maybe the whole "throw the bums out" mentality will work in his favor.

We'll see.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Catholics? Maybe.

Did anyone read this? What are you thinking?

I don't see a problem with it. If folks are leaving the church for silly reasons, I welcome some people of faith who are disgusted with gay Bishops and all the silliness the Anglicans have been going through lately.

She lied?Say It Ain't So!

Well, well, well!

Lookee here: Megan Williams Recants

Where's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now? Or don't they speak up for white people who are victims of black oppression?

A Question!

I am thinking of starting a blog just on local and national politics. Since the inception of this blog I have been speaking on political matters, since the church and national politics are often intertwined, but should this blog be a place simply for "My views on traditional Catholicism within today's liberal church"?

Is it ok to have a mish-mash of topics here? Should one post be on the perv Timchak and then the next be on the Luzerne County controller race? Am I getting too broad?

I don't want someone to show up here to read about dirtbag mayor Chris Doherty and then find unrelated Catholic stuff posted after it. You know what I mean? Should a Catholic blog be just that?

You guys and gals are the ones who come here. You let me know.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Great American Chocolate Bar "Hecho En Mexico"?

I know that most of you will soon begin choosing your candies for all of the upcoming holidays. With that in mind, I would like to ask you to boycott Hershey’s Chocolate and Hershey’s Foods products.

Starting almost two years ago the Hershey’s Corporation had shut down several non-union plants in Hershey, Pennsylvania as well as Canada. The company is outsourcing all the production to Monterrey, Mexico; hoping to shut down the remaining US/Canadian plants entirely. Hershey’s has been met with some insurgence from the Chocolate Workers union and several local public boycotts, however, this has not delayed business plans of relocation.

Over 1,500 jobs gone off to our southern neighbors who will work for 15 cents an hour.

We used to be the manufacturing center of the world, but now Americans can't even make chocolate.

Don't buy into it.

Don't buy Hershey's.

Here It Is!

Here's the link to the 1500 page bill to rob you of your God-given liberties.

To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans
and reduce the growth in health care spending, and
for other purposes.

What other purposes can they be talking of?

Defend Us In Battle

I had a difficult time praying last night.

I couldn't bring myself to pray for Father Robert Timchak.

I was able to get some things off of my chest concerning him here, here, and here.

I kept thinking about yet another priest bringing scandal to the church and his parish, and to the many, many good priests that have tried to get out from under the shadow of the recent pedophile scandal.

Now, that shadow has returned.

Granted, we have been told Father Timchak never touched any boys, that he only downloaded gay kiddie porn. I hope that is true.

But I am also reminded that Satan and his agents target our priests more than the average person.

And I come to you with a challenge. If you are mad, if you feel betrayed, if you wonder how this kind of thing continues in the church, I challenge you to turn to God.

Pray right now. Ask God to strengthen Father Timchak to overcome his perversion, to fight off Satan and the demons that torment him. Pray for your own faith, that when things like this happen, and they will, that you will have the fortitude to continue on in your faith.

Because when things like this happen, when we are mad, if we can pray for others we are doing a good work. If we can put aside our anger and pray for him that angers us, we will be rewarded. And Father Timchak can receive some much needed grace.

I couldn't pray for him last night, but I can now.

Wherever you are reading this, just stop and pray this prayer:

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen

Or in Latin:

Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in praelio. Contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur. Tuque princeps militiae caelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo divina virtute in infernum detrude. Amen.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Booker1441 On Youtube

If you would like to see some of the videos "Father" Robert Timchak was viewing on his Youtube account, visit this url. It seems Bobby or the authorities have deleted his account. Some of the videos were deleted as well. According to the Times Leader, Timchak's email address was also traced to, which is a free porn site.

Here's a few titles in case you are interested:

"I'm too sexy" which appears to feature 'camboy' in his boxers writhing around
"Teenage Lad Strips" Just what it says
"Happy Boxers" Teenage boys dancing in boxers
"Socks on Cocks" I have no idea....
"Group Strip" A group of teenage boys stripping

Obama To Cede U.S. Sovereignty?

Of course he will. Unless WE stop him.

More On Timchak

This guy has been a media whore for several years. He took his disagreements with Bishop Martino back in 2006 public instead of handling them like most priests handle problems or difficulties: privately.

If I recall correctly, the Diocese closed his school and parish. He was upset and criticized the Bishop and Diocese. He was so traumatized he decided to take a year long leave of absence. Then he found out he would have no income if he took a leave of absence and he cried and whined about it publicly, claiming the Bishop was not "supporting" him. The Diocese released a letter from Timchak to the Bishop thanking Martino for all he had done for him.

He thought it "silly" when the Bishop reminded his priests of the number of Masses per day they were allowed to say, according to Canon Law. Canon Law or not, Timchak complained, because Timchak knew better than than the Magisterium. He was outspoken in his support of female ordination and married clergy, both of which have been declared as settled law by the Church. Again, Timchak knew better than the Magisterium.

Timchak also was a columnist for the Times Leader that I believe I may have read once, wondering why the Diocese was letting this "priest" run amok in the press.

This guy is THE result of Vatican II. The Magisterium be damned, social justice and equality above all else.

Oh, and underage naked boys.

Oddly enough, this media whore was uncharacteristically quiet when questioned by reporters about why a priest who spent so much time teaching children would be in possession of kiddie porn.

He had nothing to say.

Scumbag Of The Day

Diocese of Scranton "priest" Robert Timchak was charged with 16 counts of child sexual abuse for having pictures of naked underage boys on his computer. He was also charged with tampering with evidence. He was released without bail.

Released without bail.

Did you read that?

I'd feel better for underage boys in the area knowing this guy was locked up. Especially since "Father Bob" made news a few years past for bitching about the Bishop when the school he worked at was closed, now we know why he was so upset.

He was so upset he took a leave of absence as I recall. Why was that? I hope we don't learn it was to treat him for his perversion, after which treatment, he was brought back. And as we learned from the Diocese, this past April he took ANOTHER leave for medical reasons.

And he did it again.

So what I'm saying is that this guy doesn't respect authority and I wouldn't be surprised to see him hoof it out of town.

He must have been made aware he was to be arrested because he turned himself in this afternoon.

The Diocese released this statement:

The Diocese is saddened by the situation regarding Father Robert M. Timchak. These charges are distressing and would be very unfortunate if proven true.

On Dec. 9, 2008, the Diocese received information from an anonymous source about possible improper use of a computer by Father Timchak. Subsequently the Diocese contacted the Pike County district attorney, without any notification or involvement by Father Timchak. The Diocese has been cooperating with the investigation.

All employees of the Diocese, including priests, must obtain criminal background and child abuse history clearances. Father Timchak received these clearances. The Diocese had no indication that he had ever engaged in any improper conduct.

In April, Father Timchak was granted a leave of absence from his most recent assignment as assistant pastor of St. Vincent de Paul, Milford, and St. John Neumann, Lord’s Valley to seek medical attention at a facility outside the Diocese. This was done with the knowledge of law enforcement officials.

The Diocese is completely committed to ensuring that no employee or volunteer is engaging in any improper conduct.

At this difficult time, Cardinal Justin Rigali, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Scranton, asks for prayers for Father Timchak, his family and friends.

A Word On Glenn Beck

I had to laugh today reading about the 3 dozen companies that dropped their advertising on the Glenn Beck program because he called Barry a "racist".

Now, one would think that the point of pulling your sponsorship is to cause enough financial distress to Beck's show that it is pulled, and you silence his message, which by the way, gets bolder every day. The things he uncovers about Barry and his commie gang in the White House is astonishing to say the least.

But just the opposite is happening. His show in the 5 o'clock time slot consistently gets higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC during the 8 o'clock hour.

Plus, less commercials mean that Glenn gets to speak longer. Which must make you feel pretty stupid if your goal was to shut him up!

Haw Haw!

Thomas Paine

I've posted this before, but I'm bringing it back for your viewing pleasure. And for your education.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


How long until the Diocese of Scranton follows suit?

Just in:

Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Files For Bankruptcy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Delaware's Catholic Diocese of Wilmington filed for federal bankruptcy protection on Sunday night, on the eve of a civil trial in a high-profile sex abuse case against the diocese and a former priest.

The bankruptcy filing automatically delays the case in Kent County Superior Court, the first of eight consecutive abuse trials scheduled in Delaware.

"This is a painful decision, one that I had hoped and prayed I would never have to make," said the Rev. W. Francis Malooly, the bishop of the diocese, on the diocese's Web site.

Malooly said the decision was made "after careful consideration and after consultation with my close advisers and counselors" and that believed "we have no other choice." He said "filing for Chapter 11 offers the best opportunity, given finite resources, to provide the fairest possible treatment of all victims of sexual abuse by priests of our Diocese."

"Our hope is that Chapter 11 proceedings will enable us to fairly compensate all victims through a single process established by the Bankruptcy Court," Malooly said.

The diocese covers Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and serves about 230,000 Catholics. It is the seventh U.S. diocese to file for bankruptcy since allegations erupting seven years ago against Catholic clergy in Boston.

Monday's case would have been the first to come to trial under a Delaware law that created a two-year "lookback" window that allowed claims of abuse to be brought regardless of whether the statute of limitations had expired. More than 100 lawsuits were filed before the period ended this summer, with four being settled.

Thomas Neuberger, an attorney representing 88 alleged victims, described the bankruptcy filing as a "desperate effort to hide the truth from the public and conceal the thousands of pages of scandalous documents" from being made public in court.

"This filing is the latest, sad chapter in the diocese's decades long 'cover-up' of these despicable crimes, to maintain the secrecy surrounding its responsibility and complicity in the sexual abuse of hundreds of Catholic children," Neuberger said in a statement.

Civil liability is the only recourse for victims of abuse that happened long ago because the U.S. Supreme Court has said states cannot change the statute of limitations for criminal cases.

Neuberger said the diocese's action may mean some sick and aging victims — some who claim they were abused when they were as young as 8 — could die before getting their day in court.

Attorneys negotiated throughout Sunday trying to reach a settlement, but couldn't.

The Diocese of Wilmington is the seventh U.S. Catholic diocese to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection since the church abuse scandal erupted seven years ago in the Archdiocese of Boston. Dioceses in Davenport, Iowa; Fairbanks, Alaska; Portland, Ore.; San Diego; Spokane, Wash., and Tucson, Ariz., also sought bankruptcy protection. The San Diego case was dismissed.

Neuberger said he would make court filings in Delaware to "meet this fraudulent tactic with the full and immediate force of the law." He also vowed to seek out all assets of the diocese and its parishes.

More than 20 Delaware plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against former priest Francis DeLuca. DeLuca served for 35 years but was defrocked last summer after having been jailed in 2007 in New York for repeatedly molesting his grandnephew.

Lawsuits filed by DeLuca's alleged victims were scheduled for trial in October, the first on Monday.

The diocese has paid more than $6.2 million since 2002 to settle sexual abuse lawsuits. Like others around the country, it also has paid settlements to alleged victims who did not file lawsuits.

An annual report filed earlier this year by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops stated that the church has paid more than $2.6 billion in settlements and related expenses since 1950.

Thanks to Fox News.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

You can call me "Godfather"!

Yes, tomorrow I will become for the first time ever, a Godfather.

I am very excited about this, and am looking forward to it very much. Mass will be tomorrow at 10:30, so if you aren't doing anything, you might want to take a moment and pray for Alexander, the little baby boy who will become the Godson of my wife and I!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Religious Terrorists

Got this email:

Hello heathens and bretheren,

Ye olde fashioned Atheist/Agnostic Association hereby bequeath unto you the following affadavit by rote, deed, or correspondence:

Wednesday, Oct 14: Debate on the historicity of Jesus's resurrection (Our own Yaroslav Naumenko will be taking the negative position to Brad Lippincot's

positive) 4 p.m. - 262 Willard

Saturday, Oct 17: A blasphemy event, hosted by some members of the club, will be taking place at the intersection of Shortlidge and College (by McLanahan's). We will be having a Muhammed drawing contest and desecration of a consecrated communion wafer. The hosts take this event as a response to several anti-blasphemy laws and violence that has been perpetrated against those who blaspheme around the world.

Now I could care less about muhammed, I draw pictures of him whenever I urinate in the snow, but if these people follow through with their threat to desecrate our Lord, I will not pray for God to have mercy on them. Scan the news tomorrow and report back here if you have any news.

SSPX - Rome Round II

In a letter from Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi the doctrinal talks between Rome and the Society of Saint Pius X will begin October 26 in Rome.

The Holy father has said that
full communion for the group's members would depend on "true recognition of the magisterium and the authority of the pope and of the Second Vatican Council."

"True recognition of the Magisterium". That'll be no problem. The society also believes fully in the authority of the Pope. It's that last bit about VII where they're gonna get stuck in the mud. And although the mettings will be private, I look to see this dialogue become a public airing of the errors of VII. I pray that good comes from this. I'd hate to see it end with the Bishops excommunicated again!

Pray these meetings go well and we see some positive things emerge.

Traddy Gets His Shots!

The wife, the baby, and I all were the lucky recipients of the pig flu vaccine this evening. My wife and daughter both have their plain old flu shots as well, I am planning to get that this week sometime.

I am not very trusting of flu vaccines for some reason.

I have decided to be the guinea pig for you, my readers!

Should anything debilitating happen, I will let you know. If for some reason I just stop posting, fear the worst and pray for my soul!

And ummm, yeah. Don't get the pig flu shot.

John Brown's Raid

The Civil War in America actually began in some ways 150 years ago today, when John Brown attempted to capture the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry Virginia, and with the arms he captured, he hoped to arm black slaves to revolt against their white masters. And what makes this event even more interesting is that two men still revered in the south for what they did for the Confederacy, Robert Edward Lee and James Ewell Brown Stuart would thwart Browns' plans while still officers in the United States Army.

Just after sundown on the evening of Sunday October 16, 1859 John Brown led a group of 21 men (16 white and 5 black) across the Potomac River from Maryland to Virginia. Their immediate objective was the capture of the cache of weapons stored at the U.S. Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Brown's ultimate goal was to destroy the slave system of the South. The arms captured by the raid would allow Brown and his followers to establish a stronghold in the near-by mountains from which they could attack slaveholders and draw liberated slaves into their ranks.

Brown's raid attained initial success. Slashing the telegraph wires to cut off the town from the outside world, the raiders captured the local armory, arsenal and rifle manufacturing plant. They then rounded up 60 townspeople as hostages. Unfortunately, the raiders were unsuccessful in their attempt to isolate the town. A B&O Railroad train was detained as it passed through, but allowed to continue on its journey to Baltimore. Once it reached its destination, the alarm was raised and federal troops sent to the rescue. In the meantime, the local militia surrounded the town preventing the raiders' escape. Realizing his predicament, John Brown led his men, along with nine hostages, to the small fire engine house adjacent to the armory.

Federal forces arrived on Monday evening and successfully stormed the stronghold the following day, seriously wounding Brown. He was tried and convicted of treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia. Just before his hanging on December 2, 1859, Brown uttered a prophetic forewarning of the coming Civil War: "I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood."

John Brown's raid and subsequent trial inflamed the dispute between the country's abolitionist and pro-slavery factions hardening the lines that separated the North and the South.

"I determined to summon the insurgents to surrender... I did not expect it would be accepted."

The federal forces that rushed to rescue Harper's Ferry were led by Colonel Robert E. Lee - soon to become commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. Lee described the action at Harpers Ferry in a report to his superiors:

"...on arriving here on the night of the 17th instant,I learned that a party of insurgents, about 11pm on the 16th, had seized the watchmen stationed at the armory, arsenal, rifle factory, and bridge across the Potomac, and taken possession of those points.

They then dispatched six men, under one of their party, called Captain Aaron C.V. Stevens, to arrest the principal citizens in the neighborhood and incite the Negroes to join in the insurrection. The party took Colonel L. W. Washington (the great-grand-nephew of George Washington) from his bed about 1 1/2 am on the 17th, and brought him, with four of his servants, to this place. Mr. J. H. Allstadt and six of his servants were in the same manner seized about 3 am, and arms placed in the hands of the Negroes.

Upon their return here, John E. Cook, one of the party sent to Mr. Washington's, was dispatched to Maryland, with Mr. Washington's wagon, two of his servants, and three of Mr. Allstadt's, for arms and ammunition, &c. As day advanced, and the citizens of Harper's Ferry commenced their usual avocations, they were separately captured, to the number of forty, as well as I could learn, and confined in one room of the fire-engine house of the armory, which seems early to have been selected as a point of defense... These companies forced the insurgents to abandon their positions at the bridge and in the village, and to withdraw within the armory enclosure, where they fortified themselves in the fire-engine house, and carried ten of their prisoners for the purpose of insuring their safety and facilitating their escape, whom they termed hostages...

I determined to summon the insurgents to surrender. As soon after daylight as the arrangements were made Lieutenant J. E. B. Stewart, 1st cavalry, who had accompanied me from Washington as staff officer, was dispatched, under a flag, with a written summons... Knowing the character of the leader of the insurgents, I did not expect it would be accepted. I had therefore directed that the volunteer troops, under their respective commanders, should be paraded on the lines assigned them outside the armory, and had prepared a storming party of twelve marines, under their commander, Lieutenant Green, and had placed them close to the engine house, and secure from its fire. Three marines were furnished with sledge-hammers to break in the doors, and the men were instructed how to distinguish our citizens from the insurgents; to attack with the bayonet and not to injure the blacks detained in custody unless they resisted."

The Attack on the Engine House

Lieutenant Stewart was also directed not to receive from the insurgents any counter propositions. If they accepted the terms offered, they must immediately deliver up their arms and release their prisoners. If they did not, he must, on leaving the engine-house, give me the signal. My object was, with a view of saving our citizens, to have as short an interval as possible between the summons and attack. The summons, as I had anticipated, was rejected. At the concerted signal the storming party moved quickly to the door and commenced the attack. The fire engines within the house had been placed by the besieged close to the doors. The doors were fastened by ropes, the spring of which prevented their being broken by the blows of the hammers. The men were therefore ordered to drop the hammers, and, with a portion of the reserve, to use as a battering-ram a heavy ladder, with which they dashed in a part of the door and gave admittance to the storming party.

The fire of the insurgents up to this time had been harmless. At the threshold one marine fell mortally wounded. The rest, led by Lieutenant Green and Major Russell, quickly ended the contest. The insurgents that resisted were bayoneted. Their leader, John Brown, was cut down by the sword of Lieutenant Green, and our citizens were protected by both officers and men. The whole was over in a few minutes...

From the information derived from the papers found upon the persons and among the baggage of the insurgents, and the statement of those now in custody, it appears that the party consisted of nineteen men - fourteen white and five black. That they were headed by John Brown, of some notoriety in Kansas, who in June last located himself in Maryland, at the Kennedy farm, where he has been engaged in preparing to capture the United States works at Harper's Ferry.

He avows that his object was the liberation of the slaves of Virginia, and of the whole South; and acknowledges that he has been disappointed in his expectations of aid from the black as well as white population, both in the Southern and Northern States. The blacks whom he forced from their homes in this neighborhood, as far as I could learn, gave him no voluntary assistance… The result proves that the plan was the attempt of a fanatic or madman, which could only end in failure; and its temporary success was owing to the panic and confusion he succeeded in creating by magnifying his numbers."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call Your Senator!

The "Hate Crimes Bill" is set to be voted on shortly.

It criminalizes thought. So for the first time in American history, penalties are being attached to thoughts, not actions.

It endangers the freedom of religion and speech. Watch as your priest is carried out of church for having spoken about the depravities of homosexuality. It has happened overseas, it will happen here if someone is offended and someone considers it "hateful".

It destroys the American principal of equality under the law. If the bill passes, gays will have more more protection under the law than you or I.

Plus, the socialists have attached the bill to an armed forces appropriations bill. The liberals shouldn't be playing politics with the military, should they?

Call your senator now and tell them if they support this bill, they will be out come election day. This is another attempt by Obama and his criminal gang to destroy the America we all know.

Act today!

Frowning Michelle Obama To Be Printed On All Fast Food Containers

From The Onion

New Directives

A group calling themselves "The Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania" have, starting this weekend suspended the practice of the "peace handshake" and also the distribution of the Precious Blood to prevent pig flu infection.

I've not heard of this group of bishops before, which leads me to believe that they don't do too much.

Was this really required? Common sense dictates not to shake people's hands anyway during cold and flu season. I know a priest who keeps his hands under his chasuble during those months after Mass. Common sense. Since shaking hands is inappropriate while the Blessed Sacrament lays there exposed and alone on the altar, maybe the practice will just fall out of use.

Same on handing out the Precious Blood.

But that's just me.

And a couple hundred years of church tradition.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking News

The Holy Redeemer School system, which includes the former Bishop Hoban high school and the "feeder" elementary schools are in a $200,000 deficit it appears. Diocesan spokesman Bill Genello confirmed to WILK's Sue Henry this morning.

And you, the unfortunate parents will have to somehow make it up.

How can this be?

They closed many schools to make the diocesan school system a viable institution. Instead it is still a money pit.

They laid off workers to save money.

But then they changed the name of Bishop Hoban to "Holy Redeemer" for whatever reason and had to immediately spend thousands of dollars for new gym floors, and painting and stationary. The gym floor alone cost them $30,000 alone.

I mean, ya gotta have that new logo. So any savings were thrown right out the window.

But hey, parents. there's still good news.

You can now do even MORE fundraising to help out.

Some of my views on this situation:

How many of the churches and schools that were closed are being, or have been sold?

Where did that money go?

Why doesn't that money go towards the shortfall and let's give our cash-strapped parents a break?

Why doesn't the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, who already operates St. Gregory's Academy, open a school for boys and girls? (I think we know why.)

Does anyone want to discuss with me the possibilty of starting a catholic charter school?

Let's talk about it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Teensy legs?

Or just terrible fashion sense?

I was laughing too hard not to post the pic of this homie. Hope he doesn't have to run away from a drive by.

Friday, October 2, 2009

More Richard III Fun!

Since this is Richard III's birthday as I have previously mentioned, here is Peter Sellers reciting The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" in the manner of Laurence Olivier's Richard III. Classic!

And here, for the Olivier fans -

Vocations, please!

I am not complaining. Let me say this right off of the bat, because someone will say that is what I am doing. Since I of late have been writing in strange metaphors that people cannot understand, I now feel the need to explain what I say ahead of time. So I am not complaining.

For the last two days I have been trying to confess at the Oblates of Saint Joseph in Pittston. For two days there has been no one there during the time they have set aside for confession, which is 3-6 pm.

Pray for vocations. Since priests are the ones who offer the sacraments, when the sacraments are unavailable, it is terrible thing. Just imagine a world without the sacraments, and thank God for the inestimable gift he has given us in Mother Church.

So make your next Rosary in this month of the Rosary one for vocations. Cuz we need them

Happy Birthday Dick!

Today is the birthday of one of the most misunderstood of the British Monarchs. Born in 1452 at Fotheringhay Castle, he reigned as King of England from 1483-1485 where he met his untimely death at Bosworth Field.

There is much contrary information to Richard's dastardly portrayal by William Shakespeare, and I invite you to go here to learn more.

Loyaulte Me Lie!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Rosary Month!

Some Catholics may know that October is the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary. Pope Leo XIII made it so.

Nor are you only spectators of the difficulty of the situation, but your charity, like Ours, is keenly wounded; for it is one of the most painful and grievous sights to see so many souls, redeemed by the blood of Christ, snatched from salvation by the whirlwind of an age of error, precipitated into the abyss of eternal death. Our need of divine help is as great today as when the great Dominic introduced the use of the Rosary of Mary as a balm for the wounds of his contemporaries.

That great saint indeed, divinely enlightened, perceived that no remedy would be more adapted to the evils of his time than that men should return to Christ, who "is the way, the truth, and the life," by frequent meditation on the salvation obtained for Us by Him, and should seek the intercession with God of that Virgin, to whom it is given to destroy all heresies. He therefore so composed the Rosary as to recall the mysteries of our salvation in succession, and the subject of m
editation is mingled and, as it were, interlaced with the Angelic salutation and with the prayer addressed to God, the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We, who seek a remedy for similar evils, do not doubt therefore that the prayer introduced by that most blessed man with so much advantage to the Catholic world, will have the greatest effect in removing the calamities of our times also. Not only do We earnestly exhort all Christians to give themselves to the recital of the pious devotion of the Rosary publicly, or privately in their own house and family, and that unceasingly, but we also desire that the whole of the month of October in this year should be consecrated to the Holy Queen of the Rosary. We decree and order that in the whole Catholic world, during this year, the devotion of the Rosary shall be solemnly celebrated by special and splendid services. From the first day of next October, therefore, until the second day of the November following, in every parish and, if the ecclesiastical authority deem it opportune and of use, in every chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin -- let five decades of the Rosary be recited with the addition of the Litany of Loreto. We desire that the people should frequent these pious exercises; and We will that either Mass shall be said at the altar, or that the Blessed Sacrament shall be exposed to the adoration of the faithful, Benediction being afterwards given with the Sacred Host to the pious congregation. We highly approve of the confraternities of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin going in procession, following ancient custom, through the town, as a public demonstration of their devotion. And in those places where this is not possible, let it be replaced by more assiduous visits to the churches, and let the fervor of piety display itself by a still greater diligence in the exercise of the Christian virtues.