Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call Your Senator!

The "Hate Crimes Bill" is set to be voted on shortly.

It criminalizes thought. So for the first time in American history, penalties are being attached to thoughts, not actions.

It endangers the freedom of religion and speech. Watch as your priest is carried out of church for having spoken about the depravities of homosexuality. It has happened overseas, it will happen here if someone is offended and someone considers it "hateful".

It destroys the American principal of equality under the law. If the bill passes, gays will have more more protection under the law than you or I.

Plus, the socialists have attached the bill to an armed forces appropriations bill. The liberals shouldn't be playing politics with the military, should they?

Call your senator now and tell them if they support this bill, they will be out come election day. This is another attempt by Obama and his criminal gang to destroy the America we all know.

Act today!


Anonymous said...

This is basically unrelated to your post but still about Obama. Can you seriously believe that he is getting the nobel peace prize?! I mean yes, unfortunately, I can believe it with the whole world drinking the Obama-kool aid. But really. WHAT. THE. HECK. Someone tell me NOW, what has he done?? Seriously?? He hasn't even been in office for a friggin year yet. What because he talked to a few people in the middle east? And no one else has ever done that?

I really am just at a loss for this one. I mean okay. The one thing I will honestly say about his existence in the world, that I believe IS a good change for a variety of reasons, is the fact just that he was the first non-all-white person for president. That is a big deal, to me. In a way that does erase some of the barriers, of the white man oppressing all and blah blah. It shows that yes as a country we are not just stuck on that, and other people have an actual real chance of getting past if they are not WASP etc. When not too long ago people drank out of different fountains and all. And the day he was elected, this may sound corny, but I really did just 'feel' a difference walking around, more of a feeling of camaraderie and all. yaay.

So, yes. THAT is good. But frankly it has nothing to do with Obama as a person, in my opinion. Unfortunately he just seems a stuck up sleazeball who happened to be in the right place at the right time. And is using all the glory and hype to his advantage. I mean, I guess the country was 'starved' for change after Bush and all, so fine, he just swept in on his white horse and saved the day!!!!! With all his coins and chiaobamas and fancy "yes we can" catch phrases and all that BS.

So now he's getting a friggin PEACE prize????? WHAT HAS HE DOOONNNEE to warrant it? Being in the right place at the right time and riding on something that actually IS important... to me.... does not validate it.


I just had to rant there. I just find it absurd and creepy. I mean damn. At least give him his next three years. Give him a chance to actual EARN the title, if he actually does end up deserving it!!!

- L

Rurbanite said...

Umm, I don't think your comment about "gays" having "more protection" is at all accurate. This bill does nothing to endanger "equality under the law." The fact that the bill makes "sexual orientation" a category means that those who have a heterosexual orientation will also be protected. If a heterophobe railed against the depravities of heterosexuality, he or she could be prosecuted as well. So where's the inequality?