Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Directives

A group calling themselves "The Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania" have, starting this weekend suspended the practice of the "peace handshake" and also the distribution of the Precious Blood to prevent pig flu infection.

I've not heard of this group of bishops before, which leads me to believe that they don't do too much.

Was this really required? Common sense dictates not to shake people's hands anyway during cold and flu season. I know a priest who keeps his hands under his chasuble during those months after Mass. Common sense. Since shaking hands is inappropriate while the Blessed Sacrament lays there exposed and alone on the altar, maybe the practice will just fall out of use.

Same on handing out the Precious Blood.

But that's just me.

And a couple hundred years of church tradition.


Matt said...

This is a regular, standing group of all the Bishops in PA. Its not a fly by night committee.

I;m pretty happy about all this. Interesting it took a (questionably) serious virus to do it...maybe they'll do this every flu season? :-)

And if anyone says "I'm so upset because the Sign of Peace is my favorite part of the Mass!" then I know some good people who can catechize...

Anonymous said...

Traddy, I think this was necessary. There are those, (although with not too much common sense), who will think that if you refuse to shake hands, you are snobbish. I work in the health care field, and "call-offs" are looked down upon; only 5 per year before you are written up. Two write ups, you're fired. With all this illness going around, they now send you home if you so much as sniffle. We have to take as much precautions as is necessary.