Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun Times Tuesday Night!

Yours truly has been invited by the Hughes for Judge campaign to be a guest at the final judicial debate Tuesday at 8pm at WVIA studios on Old Boston Road, Pittston. Luzerne County residents should come on by and hear what the candidates have to say. Or at least watch it on tv. These are important issues we will be discussing.

I am hoping that the judges up for retention will make a surprise appearance to beg for their next million dollar decade in office. I love when public officials grovel.

And when Peter Paul Olszewski loses his seat next week, be sure to look for the loser of the judicial contest *cough*Bill Amesbury*cough* to run for that vacancy if they should call for a special election.

And let me leave you with this: No matter where you live, there are certain to be politicians up for re-election next week. Vote them out. Only if we can manage to get a fresh start can we begin to emerge from the Obama nightmare we can't seem to currently awaken from.

Start from scratch, people. We started once before from scratch, we need to do it again.

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