Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Pastoral Letter

October 15, 2009

Dear Priests, Deacons, Religious and Faithful People of the Diocese of Scranton,

In the words of Saint Peter the Apostle I greet you: “Peace to all of you who are in Christ” (2 Pt 5:14).

On August 31, I was appointed by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI to serve as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Scranton. In the six weeks that have passed since the time of that appointment, life has moved on.

Children have returned to the routine of school. Parish activities, which often quiet down during the summer months, now abound. Some parishioners have faced the pain of seeing their parish churches close and the challenge of worshipping in new places with new people. So many individuals and groups still serve the poor during these difficult economic times. The blessings of births and marriages continue to be celebrated. And many of the faithful have had to let go of loved ones in death. As a Diocese, we recently said farewell to a dedicated priest of 53 years: Father Hilary Malinowski.

For me personally, I have been touched by the kindness of the faithful of the Diocese of Scranton. I was most cordially welcomed by many of you at the La Festa Italiana Mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral in early September. A few days later, I was blessed with the opportunity to pray with the priests of the Diocese of Scranton. I look forward to future visits with you in the weeks and months ahead.

Yes, life goes on. But for us as a Church, these days are not routine. During this time of transition as we await the appointment of a new Bishop, we have been given a unique opportunity to come together in prayer as a people of faith. May we use this time of transition well by continuing to work together to fulfill the mission of the Church. May we remember to pray for our beloved Diocese and for the new Bishop who will be chosen to lead the faithful. And may we always look for help to Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother.

In the Church, life always goes on with joyful anticipation of the future because the Risen Christ journeys with us. May you be strengthened by His loving presence and experience His peace.

Sincerely in Christ,

Cardinal Justin Rigali
Apostolic Administrator
Diocese of Scranton


Anonymous said...


former st nicks parishoner

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Where did you decide to go to and why?

Anonymous said...

Traddy, I think what Karen means is--we are an English speaking nation, not Spanish. Now these days, go to the MAC machine, and you have to "press this button for Spanish; press this button for English". Last night I rec'd a call on my telephone; it was a recording telling me to "press 1 to hear this message in English; press 2 to hear this message in Spanish". Enough already. (Sorry I'm late reading this; just catching up with my reading).

Anonymous said...

Elaine is correct with my sarcastic point. Why did Rigali have to start speaking in spanish at the mass? It's is a German church, why didn't he speak in German? I despise the catholic church for what they are attemping to do, which is to transform the mass into a bilingual spanish/english mix. and to have us accept that as the new norm. either say the mass in english or latin or don't say it at all. and stop catering to the hispanic group already, they think this group is going to save them.

Karen... also rockin I have stopped going to mass, I just cannot get myself motivated to go, when I know all this is happening.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Karen - I knew you were being sarcastic, I was sincerely interested in what parish you ended up. I agree with what you said that the powers that be think the mexicanos are going to save Catholicism in America. In the meantime they are doing more damage by disenfranchising us.

I do disagree with one thing - St Nick's is a German church no longer. Remember - white Europeans are the only group that find it increasingly difficult to celebrate their heritage in this country. It was part of Bishop Martino's plan to intermingle the heritage of Catholics.

He felt that churches were not really Irish or German anymore, that they all have people of different backgrounds, and so that made ethnic identities a moot point. When St Patrick's becomes "Holy Family" or some such generic thing you will see.

Anonymous said...

Hence, why I feel I may never attend mass again... What I do find sad and amusing is how the church years ago clamoured for the ethnic church's, and led these people on about how if you give money to and build up these church's they will be yours forever, now those church's are being torn right out from them...I am sorry but I cannot believe in anything they say anymore.And I do not want any part of them. As far as I am concerend they get what they deserve and if the church should fold up and not exist tommorow,so be it. I am just tired of the hypocracy,lies,catering,no direction, etc...

Karen, p.s. rockin thanks for letting me vent, personally I know many others at st nicks and elsewhere who feel the same and just aren't as vocal, but feel as though they are being pushed away from the very thing they were asked to support and now get no support from them.