Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Morning

Well Traddy is off to have surgery Friday morning, so any prayers you have to offer would be grand! See you back here in a few days, God willing.

Saint Camillus is the patron saint of the sick. He was born in 1550 in Chieti in the Abruzzi region of Italy. He was a soldier and many sources say that as a young man he struggled with gambling, which was a common activity of the soldiers as they were traveling or simply to pass the time. At certain point in his life he came to a crossroads and the Lord touched His heart and underwent a deep inner conversion.

In 1582, when he was only 32 years old, he founded a society that would care for the sick and the poor. This society established hospitals and they cared for the sick with greatest care. It was devotion of love, which he carried out until his death in Rome in 1614. He is the patron saint of nurses, of the sick and of hospitals.

Dear friends, each of us, like Saint Camillus, is in need of conversion. Perhaps we need a moment of grace, a moment of great conversion, and of turning back to the Lord. Perhaps we are simply in need of that daily conversion, that daily turning to Christ. Conversion is all about turning from the ways of the world, and turning toward Christ; it is about turning away from our will, and turning toward of the will of Christ; it is about turning away from darkness, and turning toward the light of Christ; it is about turning from sin and death, and turning toward life in Christ. Yes, we need this at all times. Perhaps God may grant us a big moment, and that is very good, but let us pray that, through the intercession of Saint Camillus, we may each and every day turn to Christ and be converted in our hearts. One small step every day, and God willing, we will arrive at the great goal, the kingdom of God, our place of rest. Saint Camillus, pray for us! Amen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hippie Utopia!

Ugh. I can smell the patchouli from here.

‘I’ve been here for 12 days, and I’ve put on 5 pounds,’ he said, sitting on the ground in front of a handmade sign that said ‘Class War Ahead.’ ‘I’m eating better than I do at home.’

All he had to do was amble toward a ramshackle cluster of tables and boxes in the middle of the park and, without paying a cent, grab a slice of pizza or a warm slab of homemade vegan casserole. Last Thursday he had encountered ‘a bunch of Katz’s Deli sandwiches,’ he said. ‘That was good.’

[. . .]

Tom Hintze, 24, was volunteering in Zuccotti Park last week. ‘Just now there was a big UPS delivery,’ he said. ‘We don’t know where it comes from. It just appears, and we eat it.’

Ah! The Utopia they wish for. "It just appears, and we eat it." Read more about the fleabaggers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Novus Ordo - New Translation

I attended a Novus Ordo Mass in Luzerne county recently. The priest there obviously has gained a dispensation from Rome, allowing him to not read a single line from the sacramentary. He just happily made stuff up as he went along.

Makes you wonder if certain priests are even going to be phased by the new translation. I mean, if they can't be bothered to read the old old one, what's going to make them read the new one?

What has YOUR Novus Ordo parish done to prepare for the new translation of the Mass? Have you even heard about it? Leave comments.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lesbian Parents Adopt Boy - Now He's A Girl!

Read all about it here: