Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Question!

I am thinking of starting a blog just on local and national politics. Since the inception of this blog I have been speaking on political matters, since the church and national politics are often intertwined, but should this blog be a place simply for "My views on traditional Catholicism within today's liberal church"?

Is it ok to have a mish-mash of topics here? Should one post be on the perv Timchak and then the next be on the Luzerne County controller race? Am I getting too broad?

I don't want someone to show up here to read about dirtbag mayor Chris Doherty and then find unrelated Catholic stuff posted after it. You know what I mean? Should a Catholic blog be just that?

You guys and gals are the ones who come here. You let me know.


Anonymous said...

I really only take an interest in items that have a Catholic angle. The broader political posts I frankly skip.

-Christian (I've given up fighting google Chrome over my Google blogger login for posts -- what an ironic nightmare)

Anonymous said...


I come to this blog mostly for the local Diocese of Scranton related news and insights, as well as the larger Catholic picture. I'd prefer this blog to be about Traditional Catholic concerns rather than local and national politics. I would certainly go over to a new blog concerning your political views if you start one.

St. Mary's of Dorrance Parishioner

Anonymous said...

I'd read both your political blog and this blog, but I think it may be better to seperate the too (except issues regarding communion and pro choice politicians, etc)

Things like economics, etc should be elsewhere though, IMO.

Scranton Area Catholic

Anonymous said...

The Most Mister Sir Rockin One:

Interesting you should bring that up!

Actually I enjoy your blogs about Catholic matters more then the political matters. Though the Mayor Dougherty issue directly related to Catholocism becasue he is not Catholic and you correctly pointed that out.

So I like when you post on political matters that relate to Catholic matters, but not political matters alone. I think you should consider a seperate blog for political matters that don't relate to Catholocism.

Father Dave Bechtel

Anonymous said...

Oh Rockin' Traddy of Traddiness, I come to this blog because of you. ;P So whatever it was about, I would read and comment, even if it was just about the potatoes in your garden. So ya know. Base your decision on what the others say then, I suppose. I like both the Catholic stuff and the political stuff. The ones I skip more are the local things, being that I live 3.5 hours from where you are.

And yes, if you started another separate blog...I would read both! What now!!

- L