Monday, October 19, 2009

More On Timchak

This guy has been a media whore for several years. He took his disagreements with Bishop Martino back in 2006 public instead of handling them like most priests handle problems or difficulties: privately.

If I recall correctly, the Diocese closed his school and parish. He was upset and criticized the Bishop and Diocese. He was so traumatized he decided to take a year long leave of absence. Then he found out he would have no income if he took a leave of absence and he cried and whined about it publicly, claiming the Bishop was not "supporting" him. The Diocese released a letter from Timchak to the Bishop thanking Martino for all he had done for him.

He thought it "silly" when the Bishop reminded his priests of the number of Masses per day they were allowed to say, according to Canon Law. Canon Law or not, Timchak complained, because Timchak knew better than than the Magisterium. He was outspoken in his support of female ordination and married clergy, both of which have been declared as settled law by the Church. Again, Timchak knew better than the Magisterium.

Timchak also was a columnist for the Times Leader that I believe I may have read once, wondering why the Diocese was letting this "priest" run amok in the press.

This guy is THE result of Vatican II. The Magisterium be damned, social justice and equality above all else.

Oh, and underage naked boys.

Oddly enough, this media whore was uncharacteristically quiet when questioned by reporters about why a priest who spent so much time teaching children would be in possession of kiddie porn.

He had nothing to say.

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Anonymous said...

Totally random, have you ever seen Doubt? I liked that movie a lot.

Anyway some of this reminds me of this asshole teacher (not Catholic, I went to a normal public school) who was definitely a perv and the whole thing still makes my blood boil if I think about it too much. Had his designs on my sister and several others before and after her. Jerry Drake is his name, so if anyone reading my comments comes across him, and lets say he offers to give private band lessons to your child, don't do it, unless you want to risk him hitting on them. He's also 55+ years old.

Anyway without going in to details, eventually his sneaky ass was kicked out of the school due to some suspicion with another student (not the thing with my sister). I thought 'aha, finally people will see the truth.' But ooooh, no. Then it was poooor Mr. Drake, turned into a friggin martyr. Because they couldn't find any 'proof' and then they didn't want to bring him bck b/c it'd look bad, making him a 'victim of the system.' Poor Mr. Drake got crucified for 'caring' about his students. I wanted to vomit. I actually got more angr-i-fied by the fact people were defending his stupid creepy self than his perviness itself, even if that doesn't make much sense. The way he was put up on this pedestal and 'ooh poor him' just made me sick.

So I don't know what my point is. I'm not an unforgiving person. I can forgive people for sins and recognize if they need help and all that. But they also need to take appropriate punishment and not....ugh I don't know.

- L