Friday, October 2, 2009

More Richard III Fun!

Since this is Richard III's birthday as I have previously mentioned, here is Peter Sellers reciting The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" in the manner of Laurence Olivier's Richard III. Classic!

And here, for the Olivier fans -

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Anonymous said...

Lol!! R3 infiltrating your blog! How nice! I've watched that Seller thing before, kinda funny. At some parts he sounds more like him than others. I like the part when he says "holding me tight.....tight" with the un-enthused 'tight.'

And yes the one on the bottom is clearly better. Ah I remember the days before youtube. When finding old scraps of videos and whatnot was such a rarity. Now everything is just magically there at one's fingertips! Good in some ways though, obviously.

Thanks again for the R3 love, it doth tickle the cockles of my soul! (or something). Even if I am just a lowly servant. sniffle.

- L