Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SSPX And Rome...

...moving towards a personal prelature? Bishop Fellay indicated in a Spanish interview, that Pope Benedict is planning for a canonical structure for the Society of traditional Catholics.

Very interesting if this is how it turns out. Since a personal prelature would give the Society an organization independent of the diocesan structure, liberal Bishops would not be able to keep the Society out of their diocese. His Holiness is very shrewdly setting up the Society as THE center of traditional Catholicism in the church, and rightly so.

More as we hear it.

Continue praying for His Holiness and the SSPX.

Look at that picture of Bishop Fellay. That's how a Bishop is supposed to look!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure? I believe the local bishop would still be able to disallow them from practicing publically, and they would not be allowed to have "parishes."

I may be wrong though. Fr Bechtel or anyone have more info on this structure?

NEPA Catholic

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Why would a Bishop not want to allow the SSPX?

And FYI, the Society is already amongst us....buwahahaha!



Can. 294 After the conferences of bishops involved have been heard, the Apostolic See can erect personal prelatures, which consist of presbyters and deacons of the secular clergy, to promote a suitable distribution of presbyters or to accomplish particular pastoral or missionary works for various regions or for different social groups.

Can. 295 §1. The statutes established by the Apostolic See govern a personal prelature, and a prelate presides offer it as the proper ordinary; he has the right to erect a national or international seminary and even to incardinate students and promote them to orders under title of service to the prelature.

§2. The prelate must see to both the spiritual formation and decent support of those whom he has promoted under the above-mentioned title.

Can. 296 Lay persons can dedicate themselves to the apostolic works of a personal prelature by agreements entered into with the prelature. The statutes, however, are to determine suitably the manner of this organic cooperation and the principal duties and rights connected to it.

Can. 297 The statutes likewise are to define the relations of the personal prelature with the local ordinaries in whose particular churches the prelature itself exercises or desires to exercise its pastoral or missionary works, with the previous consent of the diocesan bishop.

The SSPX will have their own prelate, most likely Bishop Fellay. OF course collegiality will probably dictate that the prelate let the ordinary know the SSPX is coming to town. And since Bishops allow nonsense like the Neocathecumenal Way and charismatics into their diocese with much frequency, I don't see how a Bishop could disallow the SSPX and not reveal himself a total hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

This is a good move, it will lead to further decentralization of the Papacy!

Proud Catholic