Friday, October 16, 2009

SSPX - Rome Round II

In a letter from Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi the doctrinal talks between Rome and the Society of Saint Pius X will begin October 26 in Rome.

The Holy father has said that
full communion for the group's members would depend on "true recognition of the magisterium and the authority of the pope and of the Second Vatican Council."

"True recognition of the Magisterium". That'll be no problem. The society also believes fully in the authority of the Pope. It's that last bit about VII where they're gonna get stuck in the mud. And although the mettings will be private, I look to see this dialogue become a public airing of the errors of VII. I pray that good comes from this. I'd hate to see it end with the Bishops excommunicated again!

Pray these meetings go well and we see some positive things emerge.

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Janet Baker said...

Dear Traddy,

I see your call for prayers, and up you a rosary, and count it and turn it in to SSPX--you can just google their site, they have a place to count. Ostensibly the rosaries are to petition for the consecration of Russia to Our Lady (completed consecration, that is; it's been half way done), but that would mean a return to tradition over ecumenism and besides such an outpouring of grace to the Church that we would have to get straight then! I'm trying for three rosaries a day, and you go ahead and beat me, just try.

If we were to undo the mischief done by Vatican II, some confusing and weakening lapses would disappear. Take, for instance, our Holy Father continually praising American secularism and Obama in particular, while decrying abortion at the same time. I don't know if you know it, but VII elevated secularism as the preferred form of government, which Gaudium et Spes gushed would only get better and better in this presumed stream of 'progress' mankind was supposed to be making, such progress that we don't even need Christ, evidently, don't need rules. Not Catholic. There is no 'progress' in traditional Catholicism, Christ is the Alpha and Omega, all things center on Christ. We don't hypothetically get better and better (you'd think the events of the twentieth century would have disabused them of that notion anyway--but they were so enamored of American secularism as preached by John Courtney Murray and the like).

So we got the secular state, mediating among all religions that were 'free.' So then we get Nancy Pelosi saying she can't vote against abortion and come between some woman and 'her god.' And the Holy Father caught in between. Speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Bound to uphold democracy even when it votes to kill--not anticipated, and yet the legalization of abortion followed on the heels of the Council. It's all about the Council. We gotta pray.

I have a couple of posts on my own blog you might find interesting--The Council Pow-Wow and Pro-life, and Does Benedict Know That Rome is Burning? for two. I invite y'all over.

Rock on.