Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For County Dems, It's Corruption As Usual

Queen MaryanneMaryanne Petrilla, the current ruler of Luzerne County told a private citizen to 'watch' himself when he questioned why she and the election board were conducting public business behind closed doors. She also told him, and I'm paraphrasing "That's the way it's been done in this courthouse for a hundred years."

2011 is coming sooner than you think, Maryanne.

From yesterday's GOP press release:

According to Commissioner Petrilla at an Elections Board Meeting held today at 10 a.m. in the Luzerne County Courthouse, Elections Bureau Director Leonard Piazza sought and received private, closed-door approval from herself and fellow-Democrat Commissioner Greg Skrepenak to reinsert straight-party language back into the ballot on September 16th, 2009. This decision was made just one month after the County Elections Board voted to remove similar language from the ballot at a public meeting after hearing complaints from voters who found it to be confusing. At today’s meeting, Piazza also confirmed that he ordered absentee ballots with the new language on September 22, 2009.

So here we see Lenny Piazza ordering the ballots on September 22nd, before the Commissioners allowed public input and held a dog and pony show vote in favor of the new language on October 13. How can he order ballots before the vote is official? Because Petrilla and the county gorilla Greg Skrepenak had already made up their minds.

Back room deals are great, aren't they?

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