Friday, May 8, 2009

More closings

Well you probably know that the Diocese is planning to close yet more schools. St. Aloysius in Wilkes-Barre and Saints Peter and Paul in Plains are history.

As regular readers know I have been overly supportive during these times of school and now church closings.


Enough is enough.

Let's worry about the spiritual health of our Diocese, can we please? I know plenty of sad excuses for Catholics who do not know the faith, do not follow it's laws, think confession is "old fashioned and unnecessary" and who always receive Communion on the odd occasions they do venture inside a Church.

Someone might say I'm being short-sighted now. The salvation of souls is supposed to be the mission of the Church.

Education of our youth is paramount if we are teach the faith and have them pass it on. Perhaps we Catholics should start their own charter school thingy, and bypass the skeletal diocesan school system that remains. If the Diocese won't teach our children, we'll have to. I hear the Seton Homeschool program is very good.



Anonymous said...

Myself and amd many others really think that the scranton diocese and the catholic church want out of the education business altogether. One can only look and see the writing is on the wall.

I think if the bishop reconized the union in the first place so many who left because of the negativeness and uncertianty , would have stayed and been supporting members, however like I said I think the plan all along was to cause chaos and therefore declining enrollment gives them the window of opportunity to close all these schools and still manage to save face as the blame is put elsewhere..



Anonymous said...

Wait, you mean Catholic schools closing? Or are we still talking about swine flu. *is confused*

- L