Monday, December 19, 2011

Is More Of This On The Way?

Probably. Evil is positioning itself. Stand up! Don't let it happen. This is only more of the ongoing assault on our liberties.

Read about it here

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chadstei said...

When I first watched this I was appalled and still am to an extent. But I also took the time to watch the entire video of both the public comment time at both the work session and the public meeting. What is shown in this video is just a snippet. I am a little appalled at this Priest as well. By his own words he seems to sue everyone who crosses him the wrong way. One of the council members made a good point in regards to him. They councilman said he passed that Priests Church and saw a beautiful manicured lawn surrounded by a locked fence and wondered who they were trying to keep out of the Church. The speakers, as well as the Priest, focus solely on the homeless but the Ordinance seems more targeted toward the Occupy movement.
Also, the Council President said before the opened up the floor that comments such as this priest were made would be ruled out of order. It is not like the clear warning was not given. When you are ruled out of order and continue to talk you are breaching the peace.