Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fit For A Pope - Diocese of Scranton

While everyone else is blogging about the coming conclave and what qualities the new Pontiff will need, I wanted to focus a bit more on something gravely important.


What will the new Pope be wearing?

Well, the famous Rome tailor shop Gammarelli, just a stones throw from the Pantheon now has on display in its front window the cassock and accessories to be worn for the new Pope's presentation to the people just after his election the Catholic News Service reported.

"The Gammarelli shop proudly showcased in its street-level window the white wool cassocks in three different sizes: "tall," "medium," and "small," since no one knows who will be the new pope or what his measurements will be.

It takes three-and-a-half days to cut, prepare and sew by hand one complete cassock, said the sixth-generation family member, so all three were finished "very quickly" by March 1 and displayed in the shop window the morning of March 4.

The shop eventually will deliver the ensemble to the Vatican in time for the conclave and election.

The Gammarelli shop was founded in 1798 and has served every 21st- and 20th-century pontiff except for Pope Pius XII, who stuck with his family's tailor."

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I'm thinking about ordering a pair of socks from Gammarelli for Sunday Mass. Probably the only thing I can afford. If anyone else wants to order something, email me, we can save on shipping!

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