Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Altavilla - more revelations - Diocese of Scranton

Well, two weeks ago you'll remember police arrested Rev. Philip Altavilla, front man at the flagship church of the Diocese, Saint Peter's Cathedral. Reportedly he was arrested for fondling a 13 year old girls feet and giving her alcohol in the late 90's. Apparently, he told police that he suffers from a "foot fetish".

Well, now we learn the good reverend has other interests as well. 

He likes to watch women be strangled, chloroformed, and raped. That means he likes to watch women be harmed. Beaten and raped. And in his fantasies he probably sees himself in place of the man in the videos. 

And this is how he receives sexual satisfaction.

But, just on the internets, of course.

At least we hope thats the case. 

However, I'm not going to throw Altavilla under the bus. I won't be inviting him over to have dinner with my wife and children either, but I'm not going to throw him under the bus.

I hope that the catholics of this diocese are well-formed to know enough about their faith that they are to pray for this priest with his demons and perversions. But I doubt it.

Are you well-formed Diocese of Scranton catholics? 

Is our Bishop, Joe Bambera, who admitted to assisting the Diocese in covering up sexual abuse by priests in court proceedings while he was still a Monsignor a true Shepherd of his flock? Or is he more concerned with keeping up appearances and paying lip-service? 

My bet is the latter.

He needs to publicly answer for his sins.

He needs to march into that cathedral of his that he entrusted to a pervert, take up his cross that is our diocese, and beg our and Gods forgiveness for his part in this. For his covering up sexual abuse. Not have his PR person issue a press release. 

Talk to us, directly. 

Come on Bishop. Address your flock one-on-one. Without a script. Accuse yourself of your sins, tell us how sorry you are for enabling fellow priests to hurt our children, and then resign.

Yeah. Resign.

You don't deserve that crozier. You don't deserve to sit up there in your cathedral smiling down on your flock that you willingly fed to the wolves. 

What a better time of year to do it than to coincide with the memorial of Christ taking up his cross for the souls of his children?

Do you have the fortitude to do whats right for the souls of your spiritual children? 

No you don't.

But you have plenty of lawyers, I'll wager. 

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momtomany12 said...

We went to the Chris Mass yesterday. Even before reading yesterday's headlines, I felt a profound sense of sadness being there. We do need to pray for that tortured soul. As for bishops, there was only one of the three present that was reverent, prayerful, and solemn.