Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Very Special Message

Gimme a break!

Mentally challenged people are up in arms over the new Ben Stiller movie "Tropic Thunder" because they make reference to a "retard". I'm not sure if I should laugh or smack one of them in the head.

On Fox News this morning, they referred to "retard" as the "R" word.

So add "retard" to the list of words the mainstream media have deemed inappropriate. We can't say the "N" word, the "F" word (this particular "F" word refers to someone's sexuality), and now the "R" word. Not that I use these words in everyday conversation, but come on. Let's all grow a little thicker skin here, and not try to worry so much about what names people call you. I feel like I'm back in the schoolyard playing kickball and sister is on her way over to whack me for calling Susie a "turd" before morning prayer.

They're only words people. Get over it.

I understand these people were offended. But you know what?

I am offended daily, too.

I am offended that 115,000 unborn children are ripped from their mother's womb everyday. How come no one is rushing to placate me?

And let me direct this to the people offended by being called a retard - which do you think you should be more offended by? People calling you a retard, or the fact that parents have the legal right to abort their child if they think he may be just like you?

Ridding the world of the imperfect.

Sound familiar? Google "Mengele" and "Auschwitz" and get back to me.

As for myself, I plan to see this film. I usually don't go to films opening weekend because of the crowds, but I will make an exception here. I hope it makes millions and is No 1 at the box office.

I'm curious as to what all 4 of my readers think of this?


Christian said...

HA! The only reason I am commenting is in hopes that at least four of us actually respond.

Part of my college career was some courses in anthropological linguistics. These were some of the most unusually useful classes I had taken (in retrospect). One thing that has taken conservative politicos a long time to recognize (or maybe it took me a long time to see that they did in fact recognize it) is that control of the language sets the structure for debate. The most glaring example is referring to Pro-Life proponents as 'anti-choice.' This is simply another example of a class of people who want to remove the connotations of offense, by changing the structure of the discourse, and Ben Stiller just happens to provide some free publicity.

But since it isn't my particular ox being gored I don't care that much. ALTHOUGH... if I caught my Daughter using that word, I wouldn't hesitate to reprimand her...

Christian said...

I just got back from waiting in line at Little Caesars, and I am just stunned at a conversation I overheard. And, it seems to fit in with this post.

There were two women in their early 20's in line ahead of me, talking about a mutual friend with 5 children.

"yeah, she just had another abortion"

"Why this time?"

"Well, you know the last 3 are boys, and well she has really been hoping for a girl. So when she found out that this one would be a boy too, she decided, enough of that."

"So she's tryin for the girl, right?"

"You know it!"

With the Saints give rest o Christ, to the soul of Thy Servant where there is neither sickness nor sorrow nor sighing but life everlasting. Give rest eternal, in blessed repose O Lord, to the soul of Thy Servant departed this life and make his memory to be eternal.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

What a sick place this planet really is.

Kevin said...

I'm with you .... I generally practice restraint in using words that might be offensive to some... but sometimes I slip up. Sometimes I use words of their nature as "Terms of endearment"... if you can imagine that. For example, if someone is a really good buddy of mine, I can call him a F*g when he annoys me and we can still be the best of buds...

The Rockin' Traddy said...

I know exactly what you mean. I do that myself with my pals. The gay ones don't even care...