Sunday, June 7, 2009

My thoughts

I was away from blogging while that piece of shit baby killer Tiller was gunned down.

I found it interesting that when Obama was asked duirng the election about abortion he said it was "above my paygrade."

But when a scumbag who murders children FOR A LIVING is shot dead Obama is "shocked and outraged".

BHO, you are a sad little man.

And as far as Tiller is concerned, there is this little saying you reap what you sow. I fear there's a whole lotta reapin' going on...

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Anonymous said...

Lol at first I thought you meant some guy who went around killing born babies and was like "wtf I don't remember hearing this in the news." But then I thought "ooh he must mean abortion." I'm not trying to make some deep point or stab or anything (because to me the zygote = already is the person in essence created by God since it has all the genes etc.), but it just threw for me a sec. Like - Some guy going around murdering live babies? who does that?

- L