Friday, July 24, 2009

Commentary denied

You may recall this post about Shoback the pedophile who had his priestly faculties removed.

Well, over at the Citizen's Voice there has been some odd going's on.

This morning, there were 20 comments on the story, some of them actually admitting knowledge of abuse of minors, and some people remarked it was common knowledge.

Well, the Voice deleted all 20 of those comments, and never posted my comment, which asked for a criminal investigation, as well as prayers for the perv and his victims.

Over at the Times Leader, there are only three comments. Again my comment did not appear.

I see we cannot count on the local media to pass along our feelings on stories. If they don't really want to give their readers a forum for our thoughts, why bother to give the option? And worse, why censor the feelings once they have been recorded?


Michael said...

Shoback is one of many priests in the Diocese that was shielded by Bishop Timlin and Bishop Martino. It is great to see him defrocked. When will the rest of the priests guilty of raping children in the Diocese of Scranton go through the same process? Go to my blog for details on all of the known priests who have preyed on children in NEPA.

Anonymous said...

So were they deleting comments that were against the priest or defending him? I guess against him since you said they deleted the ones about more abuse and common agreement of his pervyness.

That's odd. And like you said. Defeats the purpose of having a forum for comments. I mean comments do tend to get out of hand and ridiculous some time (like on youtube, sheesh) so I can understand a site trying to keep a certain decorum. Or some crap. But a comment like yours or just generic agreement that he abused people should stay. That's not delete-worthy. Because clearly I am the end-all-say-all in censorship. Duh.

And again, yes. Criminal investigation along with prayers for perv and victims sums up how I feel. My "m.o." is forgiveness and non-judging and stone-throwing while at the same time am for self-defense and not just allowing for oneself or other people to be harmed, and am fine taking measures to prevent that. If that makes sense. I'm sure I didn't articulate that well but I'm tired.

Anywaay...interesting. *raises eyebrow*

- L