Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scumbag of the Day

Well I haven't had one of these Scumbag of the Day thingies in quite awhile.

Here's why I decided to have one today.

Vice President Joey Biden to Wall Street Journal: "I can see Putin sitting in Moscow saying, 'Jesus Christ, Iran gets the nuclear weapon, who goes first?' Moscow, not Washington."

So there we have the freaking Vice President of the United States taking the Lord's name in vain.

Can you imagine if Bush or Cheney said this? People like that excellent Catholic Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi would be all over them. That's all we'd hear about for three weeks.

If Joey had taken the name of Mohammed in vain, there would already be 5,ooo Muslims surrounding the Vice President's residence. And CAIR would be in the forefront denouncing the slur as an affront to Muslims the world over.

Where are our Catholic "leaders"?

Traddy? Would do yo mean?

The USCCB, of course. They had better come out and denounce this doofas and soon.

Where is the outrage from the other Christian Denominations? Where's the Reverend Action Jackson? Where's Al Sharpton?I had better see some outrage and quick from someone who claims to be a Christian.

Do you think Obama will come out and say "Joe Biden acted...stupidly." Probably not.

No one will care.

Well here's my two sense: Biden is my Scumbag of the Day!

Basically for being a scumbag. Way to make America proud, Joey!

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Anonymous said...

Way to represent, Biden! (sarcasm)

- L