Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Age Of Bambera Begins

Well, what are everyone's feelings on this occasion of our new Bishop? It is nice to have a Bishop again, that is for sure.

Everyone seems to agree he is a nice guy.

We will see if he can lead the Church through these tough times.

We will see if can be a shepherd to all of his flock, including those who consider themselves traditional.

We will see if he is truly open to dialogue, if he will speak to those in the traditional community, with a true desire to see to their spiritual needs.

We will see if he will uphold Church teaching and hold our "Catholic" democrat politicians accountable for their actions.

We will see if he truly defends the life of the unborn.

We will see if he can preserve the deposit of faith and apply it to the times rather than adapt it to the times.

We will see if he can teach true Catholic faith and morals.

We will see if he is willing to protect our children from the gay priests in our midst.

There is a lot to see in the coming months.

And we will be watching.


Anonymous said...

The bishop emphasized inclusion even in his ordination plan: Early in the process of planning the ceremony, the bishop-elect approached Monsignor Kelly to help him incorporate the Spanish language and the Hispanic community into the liturgy. Shame on the diocese...after they closed all the ethnic churches and you include the spanish,,,As far as I'm concerned it's a kick in the teeth to the people who built this diocese.I am thru with the church and their spoon feedings to this group.Bambera will be no different, he may smile nice and talk nice, but the churchs will not re open, the schools will continue to close and the ole ethnics will be pushed out , while the church caters to the group they think are going to save them and cure their ill's. I am sick of the diocese and church in general...and to save myself more grief , I am just going to walk away, because i feel , the church has walked away from me as well.

Catherine Stiles

Anonymous said...

Traddy, I only caught small clips of it, since I was at work, but here goes: while I agree that we must be an all inclusive religion, what gives with parts of the Mass in Spanish?? Why not parts in Polish; in Italian; in German; in Slovak?? No!! These beautiful churches, built by the very people who came here to worship have been closed or torn down. Maybe it's because the diocese sees the Spanish as having more money, so they want to "cater" to them????

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on Bishop Bambera are hopeful for sure but cautious for sure. In my home we pray for him in our family Rosary and our Chaplet of St. Michael as well. I say hopeful and cautious because with God all things are possible and cautious since these are really dark days inside and outside the Church. However our new Bishop turns out my responsibility is the same. Obedience is my place as a laymen.If our Bishop is a holy orthodox pure loyal son of the Church my place is Obedience. If our Bishop is a modernist heretic and card carrying member of the Homosexual mafia that is in bed with the Freemasons,Communists, and the Globalists in our Government that are bend are destroying/hijacking the Church my place is Obedience. Any Catholic who still has the Faith and practices modification and Penance needs to offer these for Bishop Bambera any suffering united to our prayers for him will do. Since I don't have the Bishops ear I will leave my wish list here in the hope he reads it.
1)Consecrate the diocese to the immaculate heart of Mary
2)Offer the Latin Mass at the Cathedral once a week and have all priests who can do the same.
3) Please teach us on the evils of Usury
4)Let Ecumenical dialog takes a back seat to the Salvation of Catholics.
5) Give the closing Parishes to the FSSP or the SSPX. At least don't sell them to false Religions.
Move the Tabernacle at the Cathedral into the center behind the altar and have all Priests do the same in every parish.
6) Pray the St. Michael Prayer at the end of all Masses in the diocese.Have the Rosary prayed before or after all Masses in the diocese.
7)Publicly refuse the Eucharist to Catholic public figures who are in open disobedience to the Church on Abortion ,Gay Marriage, and those who are Freemasons.


Ps: The Spanish reading in the Mass yesterday and those who were offended and those who like it shows division this division only goes to show the wisdom of the Latin Mass.

Anonymous said...

I want to know more about the $300,000 that the scranton diocese gave to the illegals(and continues to give)in Hazleton to hire people to fight Mayor Barletta's law, that Hazleton tried to enact. That money could of been used to keep Bishop Hafey open. And now the diocese is talking about closing the grade school in Hazleton...while the diocese continue's to give money from basket donations and the annual appeal to the illegals legal fund.


Anonymous said...

Oh, stop. I saw that little mention of "gay priests." At least call them "pervert priests" or something.

Anyway omg I don't give a hoodle (huh?) about y'all's new bishop, but I did hear something that made me think of you over the weekend. We had First Communion at our last mass, couple of kids. This prompted the priest to mention, among other things, that ORIGINALLY, even before your time, too ;P, Eucharist was taken from the ministers in the hand, not the tongue. He said originally, the tongue thing only happened right after a baptism. Thoughts? Concerns? Debunkings? Hopes? Dreams? I'm uneducated on all this, but thought I'd mention since I know you care about the tongue thing.

(And I think I'm just excited that you posted again and didn't fall off the face of the Earth.)

- L

Christian said...

It bears repeating ... Holy Mother Church is more than just your particular parish. Do you leave Jesus because of Judas? I will stand by my Bishop, though 4 elementary schools were closed on my daughter, though my beloved high school closed --which I fought for only too late -- though my present parish is slated to close while I support it's Vatican appeal -- Though I put up with Children's Masses, bad lectors, bad music, nevertheless I will support my Bishop. Because I am not the Bishop

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I was very disappointed that I didn't see anyone take Communion on the tongue, including those closest to the Bishop. Knowing it is the preference of our Holy Father in Rome, WHAT'S WITH THAT?

I also have to mention that Bishop Joseph Martino showed extreme reverence during the Consecration and I was touched by his obvious love for Our Lord.


Anonymous said...

Re-open Bishop Hoban!

Hoban 1979

Anonymous said...

Dear Catherine Stiles, since I don't know you I will reach out to you here in this way. I understand your concerns please before you make any final decisions please let me invite you to our Parish this weekend. Please come to St. Michael's Church located at 1703 Jackson St.
Scranton, PA 18504
office: (570)-961-1205 Please at least call the two Holy orthodox wonderful Priests with your concerns we have Rev. Michael O’Leary, FSSP or
Rev. Edmund Castronovo,FSSP
Please come to the Sunday Sung Latin Mass at 10:15 am and stay after Mass for the breakfast to meet the parish here you will find peace and a parish home. This invitation is also extended to all Catholics who are sick of heresy and Liturgical abuse please visit our web site http://www.saintmichaelsrcc.org/wordpress/ Just a run down on the Parish: St. Michael’s Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, www.fssp.com, a Society of Apostolic Life established by Pope John Paul II in 1988 to offer the Traditional Latin Rite of the Mass and the Sacraments to the faithful. Masses at St. Michael’s are offered according to the the 1962 Roman Missal. Tell a friend!

For those who are disgusted I would suggest RealCatholictv.com
Here is a video on the topic we are talking about here.


Dear L,
Communion on the hand is a Sacrilege wake up! These two young men break it down well watch these videos.

Communion in the Hand pt.1 Experiment and Explanation

Part 2

Rethinking Communion in the Hand

This matter is a matter of Obedience. The Pope,Cardinal arinze and Bishop Athanasius Schneider have taught and lead by example as to Communion in the hand and clearly show the traditional form is the way to go. The Holy Father offers the Latin Mass in his private mass daily. I rest my case.

What is this talk about $300,000 to help illegals fight laws? Is that true? Where is the documentation? Who was making the call? Anyone with information please come forward.


Anonymous said...

christian, your exactly the reason why the diocese and the church are so messed up, you continue to support even though, you are not being supported. How can you just go along with the flow, and continue to believe in their mush they are feeding you. if something is wrong , you must work to fix it , not to enable those who continue the wrong.for you are just as wrong as them if you do not attempt to stop it.


Anonymous said...


One thing has not been mentioned and I would like to hear your thoughts on the fact that Bishop Martino was pushed to the side. I think the three who ordained Bishop Bambera should have been Cardinal Rigali, Bishop Martino and Bishop Timlin. What do you think?

When I saw Bishop Martino sitting in the back, the thought came to me that "The last shall be first and the first shall be last." My next thought was that he did have the perfect seat, he was sitting next to the Tabernacle.


Christian said...

Renee I wasn't clear as I was typing on my iphone.

I was responding to the sentiment of 'if the Bishop doesn't run things the way I want them to or the way they should be run; then I'm outta here.'

I fought for 2 of the four elementaries, and I was a contributer to the plan to save Bishop Hafey. I am fighting tooth and nail to save my parish. But I'll be damned (literally) if I choose to let my frustrations with how the Church is run chase me away from the Church.

CatholicMomof6 said...

Right now, our family has left the Novus Ordo Mass. Since there are no Traditional Forms of the Mass anywhere near us in the Diocese of Scranton, we have been attending the SSPX chapel about 45 minutes from us in NY state. We are very happy there. As a result, our relationships with our Catholic friends in the Diocese is very, very strained. Unfortunately, the Diocese can not meet our needs. We are waiting to see what happens with Bishop Bambera. I suspect, however, that the situation will not improve much at all. It is very disenheartening indeed.

Anonymous said...

It is frightening to me that people think they can make demands of the Diocese, and if they do not get what they want, leave.

NEPA Catholic

Anonymous said...

Eucharistic Prayer 3 was used... not EP 1... I wonder if Bishop Bambera dislikes EP 1???

CatholicMomof6 said...

As Catholics we have a RIGHT to Catholic tradition. We have a RESPONSIBILITY to demand TRUE Catholicism. PERIOD. We shouldn't have to scour the Church looking for Our Lord in the Tabernacle. We shouldn't have to stomach an hour of semi-secular Christian rock music. We shouldn't have to wonder if the priest actually believes in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. We shouldn't have to be told that the confessional is optional--"Just shake my hand after Mass and I'll know.." We have a RIGHT to AUTHENTIC Faith. The reason the Church is in such a mess is because of people like you who just sit by and take the watering down of the liturgy and the abuses. It's not about what I want, it's about Truth. But I suppose somewhere among the tamborines, lay "ministers" of the Eucharistic, and the sermons on how much Jesus loves me lies the Truth. I just don't understand why the people in the Diocese of Scranton are so HOSTILE to tradition...