Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Massive Attack

Here is another video from our friend Michael Voris on the Old Mass and our Holy Father's attempt to re-establish it across the Church. I too have been told that the Novus Ordo will not be around in 50 years. How lucky for me that I was chosen to be one of the faithful to suffer the slings and arrows of years of liberal theology and bad liturgy, and that I fought the good fight to restore what never should have been denied to me and my Catholic brethren.

The quote that hit home for me from the video was "Many of them (Bishops) have since thrown up roadblocks and made things difficult for priests that began offering the Mass. Nothing official mind you, that's not how this group works. Never official, never out in the open. But nonetheless always working behind the scenes in loud and powerful whispers."

Reminds me of a specific time when something was arranged at a Wilkes-Barre parish and a certain nameless and not yet named Bishop went out of his way to ensure our plans fell through. What this Pope was thinking when he made this person our Bishop is beyond me. But it is our duty as Catholics to pray for his soul and pray that he and our Diocese stay loyal to the Pope and follow his wishes.

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Artsgolfer said...

Thanks for posting this video. I will be sure to follow him now. My husband and I are trying to get a TLM going in our area and we are loving your blog.