Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pro-Choice Catholics

Just a quick blog post this snowy morning to introduce this idea to you:

You cannot be both "Catholic" and "Pro-Choice".


Democrats, particularly in northeastern Pennsylvania LOVE to claim fidelity to both. I see more "Obama 08" bumper stickers in the parking lots of Catholic churches than anywhere else.

These folks are for all intents and purposes heretics.

Oh NO! Not the "H" word! We don't use that word in our modern touchy-feely Catholic church anymore.

Maybe it's time it made a comeback.

Webster defines heretic as
a dissenter from established religious dogma; especially : a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church who disavows a revealed truth.
So we see that someone who advances teachings that are contrary to the Catholic faith is a dissenter, and can also rightly be called a heretic. If you publicly disagree with the Church, go to pro abortion rallies, put a pro abortion bumper sticker on your car, work for or vote for a pro abortion candidate, you place yourself outside Holy Mother Church and are a heretic. When you commit a grave sin such as promoting murder, you commit a mortal sin (remember those?) and you separate yourself from the Church.

So stop and think when you are attending your next Mass of the travesties taking place in that very same church. All the profanations of Our Lord as his precious body is handed out to heretics who go to Mass and receive Him with grave sin on their souls. Make an extra act of reparation to Our Lord for this.

And pray for the self professed "pro-choice Catholics" that they beg God for forgiveness and repent of their sins.

Then they may be called "Catholic".


Anonymous said...

I just found out the following information which I think is very interesting:

75% of people in Lackawanna County are Catholic. Would you like to guess what percentage are Registered Republicans? - I checked, it's 26%.

I made a promise to myself that for the 2012 Presidential Election, I am going directly to the Pastor when I see a certain Eucharistic Minister riding around with a big Obama sign in her back window. I sent info. to her home, but it had no impact. This is what I hear from people in the area, "I was born a Democrat, I'm living as a Democrat and I'll die a Democrat."

Anonymous said...

Great work, R.T. I really feel that "faithful Catholics" must correct those who call themselves "Catholic and por-choice."
We are reminded that Catholicism is a "seamless garment." You may not cut out one part and keep another. It is an all or nothing proposition. By being pro-choice (correctly stated, "pro-abortion")the latter is in fact a choice. We can not be Catholic and pro-choice, nor can be be Cathlic and pro artifical contraception, Catholic and giving the not to "women will soon be priestes" delusion.
These ruptures in faith are much more troublesome when high profile "Catholics" foster their rightous indignation publically. Sean Hannity (Fox media darling)may have been in the seminary but based on his pro contraception rant, one wonders what exactly he was doing there. Oh yeah, it would be great if his bishop reminded him that he is not, in fact Catholic, and to please refrain from publically saying otherwise. (Can he say mag-is-terium?)
Thanks for letting me vent, and have an otherwise nice day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but I don't need white supremacists telling me what's moral and what's not.


The Rockin' Traddy said...

Dave, I encourage intelligent conversation and civil discourse here. Spew your ignorance again on my blog and you'll be gone.

God Bless You,

Anonymous said...

RT, how is it ignorant to describe you, accurately, as a white supremacist? In this post you claim to love everything about the truck depicted -- including its license plate's coded message praising Adolf Hitler and the Confederacy.


The Rockin' Traddy said...

Dave, you do love to jump to conclusions! I thought the point was obvious. But now my point is that you've been making wild accusations and unchristian comments since that post appeared. What else on my blog supports your unfounded theory? Look deeper. Try to use your God given intellect to find a common thread between this blog and that truck. Other people reading the post understood it. God Bless.