Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love This Truck


Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING about the truck?

Anonymous said...

I understand why you "love this truck" as you say. I will say this about Islam. Islam is an apostate false Religion. Islam is an abomination. As a traditional Catholic I understand historically the constant threat Islam is to Christendom and my beloved country America. With all that said we need to be "sharp as serpents and simple as doves" I have a profound respect for the SSPX Bishops. Bishop Williamson has not been silent on the 9/11 attacks. I encourage you and all your readers to listen to this Bishops words:
Catholics need to prayerfully look into the official story of 9/11.

The victims family members,Military,CIA,FBI officers and architects have much to say about the official story.

1244 architectural and engineering professionals have questions

While I understand how hard 9/11 was on us (it hurt me deeply) we need to understand that we are up against enemies foreign and domestic that are pure evil and things are not as they always seem. Frankly if the Jews want world war 3 with Iran they can have a war with Iran. Must we take part? The Protestant heretics tell us yes it's in the Bible. I say lies lies lies! Look how Iraq turned out China got the oil! All I can say is please look into 9/11.

In Christ,

PRAISE GOD said...

I understand this person's thoughts on Islam from the picture on his truck but what if someone said that they learned all they had to know about Cathoicism because of the scandal of pedifiles in the church and painted a picture of that scene on a truck? It's a difficult place we are in - being a practicing Roman Catholic.

Anonymous said...

It is pointless in anyway to compare the true religion the Catholic Faith to the false religion of Islam. It is like comparing light and darkness. Here is a great film on 9/11 while Islam is an abomination it does not mean the government told us the truth about 9/11