Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Chicken In Every Pot

And the Latin Mass in every parish!

Pope wants traditional Masses in every parish, says Vatican cardinal
Anna Arco
20 June 2008

The Pope wants the traditional Latin Mass offered in every Catholic parish in the world, a Vatican cardinal has said.

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos also told journalists in London that seminarians everywhere should be trained to say Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, also called the Tridentine rite.

Cardinal Castrillon made the comments last Saturday, shortly before he became the first cardinal to celebrate the older High Mass in Westminster Cathedral for 39 years.

When asked by The Catholic Herald if the Pope wanted to see many ordinary parishes making provision for the traditional form, the cardinal said: "All the parishes. Not many - all the parishes, because this is a gift of God. He [the Pope] offers these riches, and it is very important for new generations to know the past of the Church. This kind of worship is so noble, so beautiful - the deepest theologians' way to express our faith.

So it is over two years now since the Popes wishes have been made public. How about it Bishop Bambera? You want to be the first to take the bold step and fulfill Pope Benedict's wishes?

Maybe you can start by increasing the availability of the Mass throughout the Diocese.

Not everyone can get to Scranton. Or Hazleton. Or Shohola.

We are truly blessed in this Diocese to have the Old Mass at all, and those in attendance know that. We thank God everyday. But now it is not enough for us to simply have access to it. Now is the time that the Mass be made available to EVERYONE. Not just the Traditionalists in the pews. Summorum Pontificum was not just an attempt to sway trads away from the SSPX or to shut them up, it was attempt to revitalize the Church.

Pray for Bishop Bambera that God will open his eyes, that he will see the beauty of this Mass of all times. This is the Mass that Saint Pio prayed everyday. This is the Mass Saint Therese attended everyday. This is the Mass responsible for a large portion of the Saints we honor today.

Pray that Bishop Bambera will provide for his flock as he is ordered to by Almighty God. The Old Mass is coming back throughout the church, and this Pope is at the head of the Renaissance within Her. Don't be a hindrance, your Excellence.

Open the door and welcome the Pope and the Old Mass.

Don't be a dissenter and slam the door in his and God's face.


Anonymous said...

Amen! This is God's will. The voice of the Holy Father has been clear. This is the same Holy Father who picked this Bishop for the diocese. Please you Excellency offer the Latin Mass! A small step to heal the Church could be also to offer kneelers during communion in the new Mass. I have heard from many people who want to kneel but can't do so on the floor. Immaculate heart of Mary pray for us!

Anonymous said...

Recently attended my first TLM since before I can remember. Was everything you have written and more.I have been drawn and drawn--and now hooked. Why did I wait so long? Grateful for the diocese of Harrisburg...the Mass was in Elysburg.
Thanks for your incessant support of this rite...and our right to it.