Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Working Class Hero?

I always thought it was John Lennon.

But anyway, did you see the news stories about that male Jetblue stewardess? Steve Slater? Is that his name?

So now this guy is an "internet sensation" because he acted like a child and stormed off the plane? I suppose we are now to celebrate poor customer service and problem solving abilities?

This guy knows what he's dealing with, he gets paid to deal with it. It's his job.

How often have you gone into a store and complained about the lack of exceptional customer service? You walk into a store or restaurant today and what do you get? You find lethargic, unresponsive $6 an hour employees who don't care about you, your concerns, or the product or services they offer. Now this guy is going to turn into the hero to rally around for these lackluster service employees.

Brilliant. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Eat some cupcakes!!! Yaaay.

And,yeah I was confused about this one, too. I first just heard of the incident, some steward just cussing and sliding down the chute.

The next day, all these people were saying he's a hero and crap and I was like - wait what? That guy with the tantrum?

For whatever reason I'm not all into "customer is always right" and I don't think just because someone is a customer, that they should be allowed to treat who's serving/checking out/whatevering them like shit.

However, when I read about I did think "if he hated his job so much, why not just quit the normal way." Like one article said how "he had this look of relief after he did it, like he was ready to move on with his life" or some crap. I'm like -- okay he could have just quit 5 years ago and turned the leaf then. No one was forcing him to stay in that job.

Anonymous said...

Woops. That above post was me, "L". Forgot to sign it.