Monday, August 9, 2010

Can't we get along even if we disagree?

It would seem I have touched a nerve.

It would seem that there are those who vehemently disagree with my position on gay, unnatural sex acts.

I’m not going to waste my time or anyone else’s quoting what the Bible says regarding homosexuality. It has been done time and again by better people than I to no avail. There will always be those who have been so blinded by the great deceiver that they take any attempt at showing them the truth and turn it into “hate”, as I’ve already seen in recent comments that I am debating posting.

Christian thought will always (and always should) be permitted to influence a country founded on Christian principles. Likewise, it should influence us as we think and live our personal lives, lest we fall into sin ourselves. The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly teaches that although “…sin is a personal act, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them”. (CCC #1868)

How do we cooperate in sin? Let's use some of the progressive's favorite sins to illustrate:

1. By counsel. i.e., "I think you should have an abortion; go ahead and have the abortion. It will help preserve your lifestyle."

2. By command. i.e., Telling your child, your friend, or your co-worker, "Have an abortion, you may lose your job if you don't."

3. By consent. i.e., "If you and your partner feel it's the best thing, go ahead and have a sexual relationship, get married. Even if you're both of the same sex. It's nobody's business."

4. By provocation. i.e., "Live together! Aren't you in charge of your own life? The Pope is old and out of touch, who cares what he says!”

5. By praise or flattery. i.e., "Oh, Senator, you are so courageous and kind in defending a woman's `right' to an abortion."

6. By concealment. i.e., The pastor allows the senator, judge, president, etc. who has voted for, or otherwise promoted, abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, same-sex marriage, etc. to appear to be in good standing, when, in fact, they have caused grave public scandal by their actions. When the sin is public, the redress must be public. Although, I don't disagree with the courageous bishops who would deny such persons Communion, I do believe that the "confrontation" should take place, without question, long before they arrive at the altar rail.

7. By participation. i.e., "I'll drive you to the clinic. You need that abortion to be able to continue your lifestyle."

8. By silence. i.e., You refuse to speak out against what is a clear violation of human rights, an incredible persecution and prejudice against a class of human beings (the unborn). You hide behind the Supreme Court's unjust and inherently illicit decision on abortion, saying it's the law of the land, when in fact it is the subversion and perversion of authentic law. The Nazi SS officers tried for war crimes used a similar defense, saying they were only following orders. They hung them, guilty as charged!

9. By defense of the evil. i.e., "It prevents child abuse by eliminating unwanted children; Women are more in charge of their lives, more liberated; it's so much more sophisticated and educated a thing to do., "etc. etc.

America has gone from a wholesome, rational, and moral country to one that is decadent, irrational and immoral. And there are those who call it progress.

I call it evil.

Evil is progressing.

Whether it is the scourge of abortion, the depravity of the gay lifestyle or the anti-religion of Islam, I will stand against it.

I will not defend it.

If you’re looking for a gay buddy to hold your hand and tell you how great your perverted lifestyle is go somewhere else.

You must have my blog confused with the National Catholic Reporter.


Anonymous said...

That's all good and well. But what you seem to be missing is the whole cast-the-first-stone ideal. I don't mean about gayness in particular, but just the ya better check yer OWN self before you go spewing hatred at others. That's the point the commenters are making, I believe. The nerve isn't about oh the poor wittle gays or muslims as much.

I looked up the Catchesim you referenced.

"1868: Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:
- by participating directly and voluntarily in them;

- by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;

- by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;

- by protecting evil-doers."

What I do NOT see here is "By being hateful and ostracizing towards those who commit sin."

Saying "Well Mary Sue, I cannot condone your abortion because it's not our place to take lives among other things. However I'm NOT going to disown you as my friend because of it, or walk around chanting you're a fetus murderer and let's all tie a chain around your neck with a big FM (fetus murder) on it." ...Is okay, now, isn't it? Same with the gayness...etc ad infinitum.

Another example. Okay so you're against gay marriage. That makes sense, because that would be permissive of the sin of homosexuality as a lifestyle. But it's the tone/attitude/name-calling etc that seeps out....that's at least what that one person was responding to, when he said your posts drip with hatred. And that's the thing that makes my stomach turn anyway :)

The part where I am more Unchristlike is when it comes to self-defense, and the whole turn the cheek thing. But I admit that. I often favor self-defense even though that's not what we're really taught.

Forgive Traddy. Take a deep breath and forgive some of these things that personally bother you so...

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

L, you wrote that you didn;t see this in the catechism "By being hateful and ostracizing towards those who commit sin."

Is that your description of my writings?

Anonymous said...

Not all of them....but yeah, some. I'm really not trying to be mean or self-righteous either because God knows I've gone of on people who I feel have wronged me or are trying to trick/manipualte me etc (I guess I mean, I'm not a saint by any means lol). But sometimes your posts do come across as very bitter and somewhat hateful towards certain groups of sinners.

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

That's ridiculous, L. I'm not a sugar coater, so if that's what you're here looking for you won't find it here.

I'm also blunt and to the point.

Homosexuality is one of the sins that cries to Heaven for vengeance, I point out there self-righteousness and pride in their sin.

Remember, they not only sin, they do it publicly in some cases, and they celebrate it. "Gay Pride" is nothing more than celebrating what makes them "unique" - the sin of sodom and God only knows what else.

Just because a group decides they are going to do "B" when everyone else does "A" doesn't make it good and acceptable and something to celebrate.

You are far along in your indoctrination of accepting the gay lifestyle, L. Acceptance creates normalcy and these folks are not normal by any stretch of the imagination. You're fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

God Love You!

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes* And I think you know why. that's all I'm going to say on this anymore.

- L