Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 AM Announcement

UPDATE: Watch LIVE here.

In one hour there will be a press conference in Philadelphia to announce our new Archbishop.

I have been told our new man has been in Philadelphia since Saturday.

There will be a Mass at the Basilica at 12 noon with our new Archbishop who is scheduled to be installed September 8.

I wonder if Monsignor Bambera celebrated a Mass after he was named Scranton's next Bishop?

All in all this is very good news for us in the Diocese of Scranton.

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Barbara said...

What a blessing for PA - Archbishop Charles Chaput has been assigned to the Diocese of Philadelphia.

I am sure that so-called Catholic Politicans, especially Senator Casey, will be taken to task next year as they run for re-election.

Arcbhisop Chaput has never been "a go along just to get along" Archbishop.