Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bambera Statement

No mention of the abuse Rigali did nothing about until after a grand jury investigated those abuse claims, Bishop Bambera? Way to dance around the biggest scandal in the American Church in the 21st Century.

Here's the suspended priests and the years of their ordination. If I had the names of the victims, I would have posted those.

Rev. Philip Barr (1948)
Rev. John Bowe (1973)
Rev. George Cadwallader (1992)
Rev. Paul Castellani (1996)
Rev. Michael Chapman (1982)
Msgr. John Close (1969)
Msgr. Francis Feret (1962)
Rev. Mark Fernandes (2004)
Msgr. Michael Flood (1968)
Rev. Mark Gaspar (1998)
Rev. Joseph Glatts (1966)
Rev. Steven Harris (1980)
Rev. Daniel Hoy (1948)
Msgr. Joseph Logrip (1972)
Rev. Andrew McCormick (1982)
Rev. Zachary Navit (1994)
Rev. Leonard Peterson (1967)
Rev. Robert Povish (1990)
Rev. John Reardon (1973)
Rev. Thomas Rooney (1991)
Rev. Peter Talocci (1986)

Almost forgot, here's Bambera's statement:

"As required by Church Law, Cardinal Rigali submitted his resignation upon his 75th birthday in April 2010. Today's acceptance of the Cardinal's resignation by the Pope affords us the opportunity to reflect on the Cardinal's service to the Diocese of Scranton.

"While the time he spent as our Diocesan Administrator was short, it was significant as the Cardinal served us well during a period of profound transition in our Diocesan history. We are grateful for the Cardinal's leadership and his presence during his 16-plus visits to our region over a nine-month period of time in 2009-2010.

"Cardinal Rigali selflessly shared his gifts and talents with us as our Diocese began to navigate through a rather unique and challenging period of transformation and change.

"On a personal note, I am grateful to Cardinal Rigali for the advice, care and example he has provided to me during the past year and half. I wish him good health and happiness as he opens a new chapter in his life and extend a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the gift of his ministry to the Church and his life of service to His people.

"In recognition of the appointment of Archbishop Charles Chaput, I invite you to join me in offering prayers for the faithful of the Philadelphia Archdiocese and their new shepherd."

Would Bambera still be Bishop if Chaput were named administrator? What do you think?


Justin Vacula said...

I shared this on your profile on facebook, but some of your blog readers won't see it, so here is my very recent article:

"Amidst sexual abuse scandal in Philadelphia, Bishop Bambera praises Rigali."

Anonymous said...

This list, at least, is contradictory to the John Jay Study claim that the crisis is over and the priests were products of the 60-70s sexual revolution and bad formation then.
Half of these men were trained in the 1980-2004 time period. We know nothing is better in the church and in society. I predict abuse will be with the Catholic Church until they clean house and repent of swallowing the myths of sexual orientation and the gay/straight dichotomy that have been promulgated by the pansexual activists for decades. Even the distinguished Dr. Frawley-O'Dea is toeing the politically correct line.

The Scriptural way to look at the psychological phenomenon of same-sex sexualized feelings is to affirm the person, but recognize these feelings are conditioned by trauma and deficits and dynamics in his or her environment and treat those symptoms with respect, love, truth of God's Word, truth about their childhood and their responses and with life-giving healthy Christian relationships and prayer ministry. Repentance and renunciation, owning and humbly seeking help from God and holy counselors (like Dr. Nicolosi and those who work with NARTH) are the first God-given gift for a person with these responses.

Compromising with the sexual activists will destroy the Church because it pollutes the Gospel, contradicts, darkens and obscures the Truth of Scripture.

Tragically, all the abuse survivor advocates are also trying to embrace LBGT rights. Many of these men and women experience same sex attraction due to the level of relationship trauma they endured. The shock of such abuse creates identity disturbance and confusion. Only Christ can give us new stable holy identities that the world and sin take away. For psychologists and advocacy groups to affirm identity disorders and unhealthy sexual practices is killing people with false kindness and false love.

So both sides, the sick priests and bishops and the compromising advocacy groups are destroying the people and destroying the Church. Every day brings more cases to light.

I don't see much hope right now for either the Catholic (or the Episcopal church) and Latin Masses, while lovely, won't heal the wrongs, wounds and sins that are continuing unrepented.

Anonymous said...

Um, I kind of think pedophile sexually predatory priests attacking and sexually abusing children are a LITTLE more darkening and destroying the Christain world than advocacy groups trying to spread the notion to accept and love people as they are. Let's just, for the sake of arguement, go with your theory that it IS only traumatized/abused people who turn out gay -- I don't see why still trying to accept/love them as they are now is wrong. Let's say someone got their arm cut off from an abusive parent with an ax. I think ADA and disability advocacy groups and all this is still necessary to protect the armless person, now that s/he is disabled. Not ewww, handicap person, stop American with Disabilities, you're destroying Christianity!

And, if we stop the abusive priets, then, by your theory, gays won't exist at all in the future, and then clearly the need for any LBGT or whatever groups will just, poof, vanish! So, either way you look at it, the thing to put our energy into toward stopping is the perverted predator abusers.

- L