Monday, August 22, 2011

The Walsingham Project

Once considered "Mary's Dowry", the nation of England has spiraled into the dustbin of spirituality. After 1500 years of Catholic faith and morals, King Henry VIII, formerly a champion of the Church split with Rome and formed his own church with himself as the head.

Now today the Anglican church in England and worldwide is literally falling apart. They have gay and women bishops, they have taken the most liberal of stances on matters of faith and morals, and now, even their priests and congregations (thank God) have seen their errors and are leaving en masse and returning to the Catholic Church.

And they have another issue to deal with in England.

Islam threatens to become the dominate religion on the island.

Will the English take up the defense of their ancient religion of Catholicism? Or will they allow Islam to finish the conquest they were denied during the crusades? Never before has Islam been so close to a Euro Caliphate as they are now. We must pray for them. And for us , because we face the same threat in America.

From the Walsingham web-site:

Europe and the West are in the death-throes of de-Christianization. Islam is blazing in from a tortured Middle East and either firing up Europeans with their vigorous creeds, or launching a conscious conquest by population increase.

Humanly speaking, the situation is irremediable. Except... Two hundred years of visions, prophecies and observations may hold the key to the salvation of the once Christian west. Raymond and Theresa de Souza have assembled a brief but gripping study of the situation.

Their conclusion? The conversion of England.

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