Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saint Casimir Drag Show! Thank You Diocese of Scranton!

We all know that the Diocese has been closing churches all over the diocesan area, but do we know what is becoming of the buildings themselves?

One particular building, the old Saint Casimir in Pittston springs to mind.

Do you know what's going in there?

A "fine arts center". Do you know what the first show is going to be? A drag show.

Yep. Men strutting around the stage dressed as women lip synching to your favorite show tunes.

The group, Applause Theater will also be holding "childrens programs".

The church has been stripped of nearly everything, the marble steps that lead to the altar are still there, however. One of the principles involved wrote this on "his" Facebook page. I kept the typos for your appreciation:

the marble on the alter, there is alot of money I am going find someone who can get thru the caulkingand cuti it, there nice piece of change for us.

This is what's left of the alter area after they savaged as much of the brass and other metals from it before it was sold. I can't believe how much the old owners ripped this place apart.
You'll notice that right after he remarks that he will sell off the remaining marble, he comments on how the Diocese sold off everything first.

I know the building has been deconsecrated.

Still, it gets my dander up that this type of activity will go on there right where the altar once stood.

Makes me sick.

Thanks, Diocese of Scranton!

Here's what you'll be able to enjoy in just a few weeks time:

I hear tickets are going fast!


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

I would rather see a church bilding destroyed, razed to the ground, than to be used for something like this!

BGrace said...

I agree with the previous comment.
Deconsecrated, yes....but a spirit of holiness still remains, just as it does at the ruins of ancient churches and monasteries one finds in Europe.
The diocese obviously can't control what happens to a building after it has been sold, so razing must be the answer, just as respectfully burning a damaged flag is the proper way to destroy it.

Anonymous said...

As a former member of the parish, I have mixed feelings about it.

It's so hard to see that type of show appearing in the building, knowing that it has been used for sacred purposes since it was built in the early 1900s. Still, the bigger part of me wants to see the building preserved in some way, perhaps until a better opportunity comes along for its use.

Intentions are to use it for a multitude of purposes, so I hope the owners and those in charge of the activities contained within the building use good taste and common sense.

One must really tread carefully because although deconsecrated, it does indeed bear a spirit of holiness. That will never be removed.

Anonymous said...

God doesn't care. God loves everyone, no matter who they are. We are all his children, even drag queens. They are harmless, their shows are harmless, and they're actually really fun!! They're people, not animals. So don't be judgemental... let God do that when it is time.