Monday, July 23, 2012

This Is Not Our Bishop - Diocese of Scranton

Bishop Alexander Sample - Bishop of Marquette
As if you couldn't tell from the traditional vestments.

Because ya see, Bishop Joe wouldn't be caught dead looking like a real Bishop. People might mistake him for a man of character, a shepherd with a backbone.

A catholic, perhaps?

No, we lucky few that have been blessed with Bishop Joe know what we have here.

It's an election year BJ. When will you be speaking to Little Bobby Casey again about his support of abortion? When will you deny him the Blessed Sacrament?

I do not know, true believers. Maybe BJ doesn't think that the Blessed Sacrament is all that Blessed?

Then that would give one pause to wonder which sacraments are valid in this diocese?

By the way, this is His Excellence Most Rev. Alexander Sample, Bishop of Marquette, Michigan.

I'm thinking we need more Bishops like this guy up here.

And less Bishops like this guy, down there.

Bishop Joe Bambera - Bishop of the Greens

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