Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are Our Catholic Schools Catholic? - Diocese of Scranton

What's new today in the Diocese of Scranton?

Well for starters, Tim over at non-faithfulcatholicschools has an article about our very own Bishop Joe Bambera and his gang of progressives at the Chancery. Watch here for more info on them as it becomes available. We are looking at rough times ahead in this diocese with this bunch, very rough times.

For those of you who don't know off whom I speak, his name is Bambera...he was appointed by the now gone-and-resigned-in disgrace "Cardinal Rigali".  I guess I don't have to say anymore, but those of you who know me realize that "just ain't so".

Bishop Martino, who was basically fired from his job for actually doing his job had gone after the four so-called "Catholic" colleges in his Diocese for not following the rules and dictates of the Roman Catholic Church.  These violations can be further investigated  here since nothing has changed...well...I guess that's not really true.

Bambera has allowed U of Scranton to go along untouched even after it has been disclosed that they (The Jesuits) support the HHS contraceptive mandate and actually already have it available in their medical insurance programs.  Oh, and they support Abortion as well.  Evidence of this comes from the mouth of the Medical School director at Creighton University as evidenced by the article from The Cardinal Newman Society that shows they lie at every turn.  So much for Bambera's credibility.  There's MORE!  cont.

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