Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catechesis or Heresy? - Diocese of Scranton

Since the 1960s and Vatican II, a heretical revolution has overtaken Catholic catechesis and theology, just as it has in the liturgy of the church and the faith of the average church goer. I have taken the time to meet and speak at length to several students of our Scranton diocese high schools, and these students seem to know hardly anything definite. They lack the basic knowledge that I had in catholic elementary schools back in the late 70's. I of course was taught by several older nuns and now looking back, it seems to me that they were unaffected by Vatican II.

In other words, I knew and could explain my faith and religion to others.

Now, these students spend time learning the history of other religions. They are taught to respect and even celebrate these differences, even though fifty years ago these differences were defined as heresy. But they neglect their own Catholic Faith. They have never heard of a nightly examination of conscience, devotion to the Holy Name, or Grace, Faith, and Works. We used to teach our young catholics about Heaven, Hell, and the Last Things. Today how we feel is more important. Relativism has taken over.

Today some truths are ignored or outright denied. Angels and demons are portrayed as symbols, not the real spiritual beings we know them to be. They are superstitions worthy of scorn.

The priest is seen primarily as a counselor, there more to help us deal with football season being over or seen as the "parish administrator" there to plan the bazaar. A rather corporate like view of one that is supposed to be acting in persona Christi.

The Real Presence is only a symbol of Christ, and the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ is to be questioned. Do you remember when the chalice was veiled due to its sacredness? Do you remember when altar boys held patens beneath your chin in case the blessed sacrament should fall to the ground?

Confession is not deemed to be important. One only has to see the availability of the sacrament to understand what priests think of it today.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is barely thought of. Try to find a church offering this devotion.

Miracles did not happen, they were stories invented by the writers of the Bible to suck the superstitious population into accepting Christ.

The inspiration of the Bible is a myth and can be rationally explained.

These are some of the outright lies being taught or hinted at to Catholics in our post-conciliar times. They all contradict Catholic Tradition, and violate many of the defined dogmas of our Faith.

How did these Protestant ideas find their way into holy Mother Church? Why are they allowed to circulate? Why hasn't Rome smashed these heresies, and in some cases, why do they seem to embrace them?

If what our religion has taught for 2,000 years was right, how can it now be wrong? Am I to believe that some in the church, who strive to promote the ideas of Protestant heresy suddenly have learned some truth that men such as Ignatius, Aquinas, and Augustine were unable to grasp?

What do you think?


Chad said...

You should pick up and move to the Harrisburg Diocese. We have Adoration once a month on top of 40 Hours. We also have patens at communion. Scranton Diocese is nothing but a liberal cesspool.

Cindy Willmot said...

Hi Traddie! Many years ago I asked myself the same questions, but primarily because I grew up a Protestant and I knew what was going on. After years of research, I concluded there were two Churches--and that just cannot be. So one HAD to be false. Logically, the one who had produced so many saints, saved so many souls, and converted nations couldn't possibly be the false one. Therefore, the New One must be. What fruits has the VII Church brought---corrupt and sexually deviant priests, feminist nuns, generations of people who couldn't tell you why God created them much less what sin is, a whole hoard of Bishops who can call for gun control but can't condemn birth control, parishes closing, and dioceses in so much debt they have to buy shopping malls to stay afloat. Let him who can see, see. May Our Lord's Chastisement come soon so that more souls aren't lost to Hell....

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Sometimes I can imagine how it felt to be a Catholic in Henry Viii's England. Watching the destruction of the Church before your eyes and not even the Bishops stand up to stop it, in most cases, they are the bringers of the destruction.

Anonymous said...

St. Jude's in Mountain Top has Eucharistic Adoration 24/7 in the Adoration Chapel. Call Parish Office or go to St. Jude's web site for details.


The Rockin' Traddy said...

Thank you Tina! Is the chapel well attended? Is there always someone there, since the Blessed Sacrament is not to be left alone during adoration?