Sunday, January 13, 2013

SSPX Future? - Diocese of Scranton

Sadly, it seems that what we have thought we knew for sometime is true.

It has always been my hope that the SSPX would come home, be reconciled with Rome, and be an ally in the troubled times ahead.

We have known there is a small group of priests, led by Bp. Williamson who have operated as obstacles to the talks. While several of those priests have been expelled from the SSPX, now it would seem that perhaps they are organizing a "true" SSPX.

It has also been rumored that Bp. Williamson will be in the United States in two weeks to consecrate a new SSPX Bishop.

Can you say "excommunication"?

I truly think Bp. Fellay wants to see SSPX regularize. If Williamson and his misguided compatriots are truly gone perhaps the way forward for Rome and the Society is less muddied.

We must pray for all concerned. The SSPX coming back into the Church is of utmost importance to the future of the church.



Chad said...

They have a Chapel in Pittston don't they?

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Yes they do. I was there a few times and it is very reverent, the Low Mass was well attended. I do not know if they have High Mass. They have a sweet sounding female choir. The only off putting thing is that they have an erratic Mass schedule. Morning on Sunday and late afternoon the next. They are at 62 Broad St in Pittston. PAX