Monday, June 14, 2010

Allah Ackbar!

Harsh description of violence alert!

That's what Muslims shout right before, during, and after the execution of an unbeliever. These unbelievers are almost always beheaded. With a knife.

They just pull your head back, jab the knife into your neck and carve away. I have seen beheadings on the internet that took 2 minutes, with the victim still alive through most of it. One video shows they had a 12 year old boy do the beheading. The victim endured the boy hacking and swinging wildly at his neck because he did not have the strength to do it properly.

Islam, the religion of peace.

You all remember reading about Bishop Luigi Padovese who was "stabbed to death" in Turkey a few weeks ago?

And you all remember how the media went out of their way to say this was just a random killing?

According to Cath Asia News, new details have emerged on the dynamics and motives concerning the killing of Turkish Bishop Luigi Padovese.

The doctors who performed the autopsy reveal that Mgr. Padovese had knife wounds all over his body, but especially in the heart (at least 8), Asia News reports.

His head was almost completely detached from his neck, attached to his body by only the skin of the back of the neck.

Even the dynamics of the killing is clearer: the Bishop was stabbed in his house. He had the strength to go out the door of the house, bleeding and crying for help and there he was killed. Perhaps only when he fell to the ground, was his head cut off.

Witnesses said they heard the bishop cry out for help. They also heard the screams of the alleged killer immediately after the murder. According to these sources, he climbed on the roof of the house shouted: “I killed the great Satan! Allah Akbar! “.

This call coincides perfectly with the idea of beheading, making sense that it is like a ritual sacrifice against evil. This correlates with the murders of ultranationalist groups and Islamic fundamentalists who apparently want to eliminate Christians from Turkey.

Moreover, according to a Turkish newspaper, Milliyet on June 4, the murderer had told police that he his actions were the result of a “divine revelation.”


Anonymous said...

Traddy, I've been away from my computer for awhile, so I'm just catching up. This is so disgusting. Even though the Commandments say killing is a sin, I wonder if blowing these people to kingdom come would finally bring peace to this earth. What are your thoughts?

The Rockin' Traddy said...

There are an awful lot of them, and an attempt at wiping them off the face of the earth would probably be seen by the world as a Hitleresque move.

Man was created in the Middle East, and it seems to me that the end shall come in the Middle East. We won't have real lasting peace until after Christ returns.

And don't expect this wimpy "President" of ours to do anything contrary to the wishes of his gangland bosses in Chicago.

Petreus will not be given any more authority than McChrystal got, and it's not in their gameplan to have any real advances made in Afghanistan. Petreus is a possible Presidential candidate, they don't want him succeeding anymore than they wanted McChrystal to.

To that end, our boys continue to go over there to win the hearts and minds of the savages, instead of killing them. Maybe they should just withdraw our military, and send over some of Obama's former community organizing comrades to win them over. I'm sure that would fix everything...

Anonymous said...

Hey Traddy, I LIKE your idea: on one condition; that obama goes over there with them. It's just that, (call me silly), but I really think that man can live at peace with one another if we all learned to respect one another's points of view. They don't have to agree with us, just respect us, and we will respect them. I was really kidding in my earlier post, but I can't condone of a "religion" that endorses murder for non-beleivers.