Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4 down. 2 to go.

Well, if you go to one of the following Churches in Wilkes-Barre:

Cluster 3 —
Holy Trinity, Wilkes-Barre
Holy Rosary, Wilkes-Barre
Maternity BVM, Wilkes-Barre
St. Patrick, Wilkes-Barre
St. Boniface, Wilkes-Barre
St. Joseph, Wilkes-Barre Township

I can tell you the recommendations of the cluster team to the diocese.

They recommended the closing of St. Boniface (I told you so), Maternity, Holy Rosary, & Holy Trinity. Sad about Holy Trinity, it is a beautiful church with a gorgeous high altar that dwarfs most of them in the area. Go see it before it is shuttered up if you care anything for grand church architecture.

St. Patrick's will remain open as will St. Joseph's. If someone from the cluster can further elaborate, that would be great.

Interesting that the clusters, made up of parishoners, called for the closings of these churches.

We'll see what happens next the weekend of July 26-27, "Announcement Weekend" as the Diocese has named it. In that weekend's bulletin pastors will unveil what YOUR fellow parishoners have recommended about YOUR church.

Now don't forget, Diocese officials work from what YOUR parishoners told them. So when they close YOUR church, talk to YOUR fellow parishoner that served on the cluster.

Should make for a fun time.


Christian said...

Yeah but that cluster report also contains an interesting comment :We further recommend that:

You re-evaluate the need for the “extraordinary form” of Mass in the Wilkes‑Barre area.

This is an 8:30 Sunday Low Mass. If I could get the kids moving reliably at that time, I'd be at that Parish, I'm sure they would have a better turnout with a different time for that Mass.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

" the need for the extraordinary form"

Is that good or bad?

The only good thing I see coming out of closing Holy Rosary is that the EF might go to Saint Patrick's!

Either that or they should create a personal parish in Wilkes-Barre. Say...Holy Trinity, perhaps?