Thursday, July 17, 2008


My cluster, number three, had two "further recommends".

We further recommend that:
1. You locate Hispanic Ministry at Saint Patrick in order to accommodate the growing numbers of Hispanics attending Mass.
2. You re-evaluate the need for the “extraordinary form” of Mass in the Wilkes Barre area.

The Extraordinary Form of the mass has been offered at Holy Rosary for years. Now the cluster recommends closing the church. Instead of planning to move the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to Saint Patrick's, just like they are moving the "Hispanic Ministry" there, they want to know if they should keep it.

In a time when the Holy Father is concentrating on spreading devotion to the Extraordinary Form, the answer should be a resounding "Yes, there is a need for it.".

The "further recommend" should have been "Determine how to best utilize the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to enrich the liturgical and spiritual lives of our parishes."

Not to re-evaluate the need for it.

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