Friday, July 4, 2008

Father's gonna have a cow...

From today's Italian publication Panorama:

Benedict changes the Mass again – a study of the new liturgy entrusted to the Congregation for Divine Worship

The Rite of Mass could change. According to some leaks, Benedict XVI has given the Congregation for Divine Worship the task of studying some modifications in the liturgy. In particular, it is said the Pope intends to reinstate the Latin for the formula of the Eucharistic consecration in Mass in the vernacular, i.e., the one celebrated in different national languages. [This means that in Masses in English, Italian etc., when the priest would get to the two fold consecration, he would switch to LATIN.] The same thing could happen for the [sacramental] formulas of baptism, confirmation, confession and the other sacraments. In addition the sign of peace among the faithful during Mass, which today takes place before the distribution of the Eucharist, could be moved forward (as in the Ambrosian rite) to the offertory in order so as not to disturb the recollection before Communion.

These modifications would be joined to the changes to the liturgy and sacred vestments which the Pope, together with his Master of Ceremonies, Msgr. Guido Marini, has accomplished in these last few months, in order to recover ancient traditions: the restoration of the Crucifix at the center of the altar, the distribution of Communion to the faithful on the tongue while kneeling, the retrieval of the pastoral staff of Pius IX (the ferula), the alteration of the shape of pallium (the strip of white wool with red crosses worn by the Pope), the restoration of the papal throne used in a consistory and the celebration of Mass with the back to the assembly, as happened in January in the Sistine Chapel.

Nice. I am glad to see His Holiness continue to force these issues, if the report is indeed true.

I wonder if father, who has never uttered so much as a "In nomine Patris" will be able to read the consecration in Latin? This should really confound the modernists and begin to give us a Novus Ordo as it was meant to be. We'll keep our eye on this...

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