Monday, July 14, 2008

Bill Genello, email me back!!

“Called to Holiness and Mission”.

What is it?

The Diocese has spent a lot of time prepping us for the church closings that have happened, and which are on the way early next year with the use of the snappy name “Called to Holiness and Mission” and by telling us about the “new evangelization” that is coming.


Closing our churches is holy? Maybe it’s a mission that Bishop Martino finds himself firmly in the midst of, but for me, the churchgoer, I want out.

Sounds more like self mutilation than renewal.

How does closing these churches lead to anything other than bitterness and dissention?

What is “Called to Holiness and Mission”? It was something written about by Pope John Paul II, the only Pope the church has ever had by the way, in his 1990 encyclical Redemptoris Missio about the validity of the permanent missionary status of the church. In it he speaks about the Pontifical Mission Societies, The New Springtime of the Gospel, and about becoming “true” missionaries. What appears to be the bishop’s final phase of CTHAM, is the “new evangelization”.

Does anyone know what this “new evangelization” is?

Me neither.

I have spent some time trying to contact Bill Genello, the diocesan spokesman, but no luck so far. If you read this, Bill Genello, call me or email me back. The people of the Diocese have some questions.

Today I discovered an email for the CTHAM department. I will email them there and see what I can find out for you all.

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