Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cluster 8

From Dan at The Mass of the Ages:

Cluster 8 Nanticoke Pa

Holy Trinity to remain open
St. Mary Czestochowa to remain open
St. Stanislaus to close
St. Francis to close
St. Joseph to close
Holy Child to close

Odd that two churches are staying open in Nanticoke, as that town is the size of my dining room. But hey. I'm not the Bishop.

And good for you I'm not!

Anyone want to buy a house? Some of them rectories are pretty nice....


Mike said...

Actually, St. Mary's is only staying open as a "secondary worship site" to be reviewed in two years. So I'm sure it will close then as well. Even though I belong to Holy Trinity, it is sad to see all these beautiful churches with long, proud histories closed.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Thanks for the clarification.

You're right. It will close too.

St. Joseph's high altar and reredos are beautiful. I will miss that church.

I wonder if I can buy it with all of its stuff intact and give it to ICK? Anyone want to go in on a church with me?

Mike said...

I agree, of all the churches in Nanticoke, I've always felt most prayerful in St. Joseph's, and throughout the process hoped it would be the second worship site. Don't know why they chose St. Mary's. If anything, I hope they are at least able to preserve some of it and move it to Holy Trinity.

Dan said...

I was thiking the same thing....I love St. Francis. The Oldest in the City and it's the first to go.