Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pink Pig VS Bishop Martino

When I was at St. boniface to hear the Bishop's recording, a fellow came up to me with a blue sheet of paper.

It read:

"Now that the decision has been disclosed, what would you like to do? As the son of Al and Mary Stilp who were members of Saint Boniface Church forever, I would like to help. What do you want to do? Please do not hesitate to call for my assistance in looking at the possibilities."

It was signed Gene Stilp with his phone number.

Gene Stilp is a political activist that has made a name for himself by putting this inflatable pink pig thing outside the offices of pork loving politicians.

What does he think he can do to keep St. Boniface open?

What makes him think he can do anything? And why would he give false hope to parishoners already upset at the closing of their church?

I may have to call that number.


Anonymous said...

Is dissent against His Excellency really what we need? This would be portrayed by the media as a revolt against the church, and next thing you know, Call to Action will be in town, using the people the rebels would mislead.

The Bishop is the authority in this diocese. Let us give obediance, even if it goes against what we personally want. There are stories of Saints being asked to do something by Jesus, and their superior denies them permission. They are then lauded for following their superiors, as this is how God speaks.

Let us remember who bears the burden of sheparding the diocese, and not our own petty grievances.

God Bless the Diocese of Scranton.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

The problem here is that people don't care anymore. They think the Church is a democracy where they actually have a say. They have no sense of loyalty, no sense of who the Bishop actually is. No one kisses his ring anymore, all of traditions and understanding of the faith has been lost for the most part.

So now when something happens they don't like, they get all activist and hold vigils and walk outs and stop giving money and bitch and moan and cry about the horrible Bishop.

It's all very tiring. I've had quite enough of it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is a deadly cycle too. The bishop says something they disagree with, so they do not give money/stop attending mass. Because there is less money, the bishop is forced to close schools and churches. The people then complain and more give less money, which starts the cycle over.

It has to stop somewhere. Pray that we all may have a change of heart.

Scranton Diocese Resident

Anonymous said...

Two billion dollars of your offerings from the last ten years or so were spent for victims of sexual abuse by the priests.Perhaps if these so called apostles of christ,didn't look the other way and cover up many a claim, then the churches and schools would have enough money to remain open.And the blame should be cast where it lies, not on the faithful of today, who are told they do not support the church enough and that the teachers union would cause the schools to close, but on the sins from the past.