Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tried and True

The Baltimore Catechism, that is. As a young lad, the Baltimore Catechism was the book that taught me my faith in a clear, concise manner. Straight forward and no beating around the bush, it is the tried and true catechism of the Catholic Church. No other catechism is needed.

In clear, no nonsense terms it tells you the truth. If you commit a mortal sin and die without confession, you go to Hell. That's pretty clear, huh?

But in modern times, clear and concise is frowned on. What if it offends someone? The book shelves are heavy with "catechisms" with inclusive language and new definitions, meant to confuse and coddle rather than teach and enlighten.

And now every year, the modernist rock concert/pentecostal service know as "World Youth Day" will soon be upon us, and with it will come yet another catechism.

But this one condones he use of contraception.

Yes, you read that correctly.

On page 420 in the Italian language version of YouCat, it clearly says:

“Q. Puo una coppia christiana fare ricorso ai metodi anticoncezionali?” (Can a Christian couple have recourse to contraceptive methods?)

“A. Si, una coppia cristiana puo e deve essere responsabile nella sua facolta di poter donare la vita.” (Yes, a Christian couple can and should be responsible in its faculty of being able to give life).

The hip, cool catechism, entitled YouCat (because it's all about YOU!) will be given to all the unfortunates attending WYD, along with a sleeping bag, map, and "other" accessories. Condoms perhaps?

When Bishops allow people with evil intentions onto church property to give talks, that is bad enough. Now we have church officials actually printing books with doctrinal error that have the approval of the Bishops! Granted, they say that it was a "translation error", but what really happened was that they got caught. Now they are trying to fix it. Supposedly the error will not appear in the English language edition.

If it was an error, great, just fix it. Or better yet, just cancel publication. We don't need another catechism. Hand out the Baltimore, because somehow a hundred years ago the church was able to write and print doctrinally sound books without "mistakes", something we can't seem to duplicate in our modern times.

Here's the link to the news story.


Anonymous said...

Let me just expound the rest of #420 and #421 in the YouCat. I have the book right in front of me, the ink still smells fresh.

The question is not translated: "recourse to contraceptive methods?"
Instead, it reads: "regulate the number of children" (I'm not saying this sounds any better, it just doesn't use the word "contraception")

The answer: Regulating births, in the first place, must not mean that the couple is avoiding conception as a matter of principle. Second, it must not mean avoiding children for selfish reasons. Third, it must not mean that external coercion is involved. Fourth, it must not mean that any and every means may be used."

#421 Why are all methods of preventing the conception of a child not equally good?
"The Church rejects all artificial means of contraception-namely, chemical methods (the pill) mechanical methods (condom) and surgical methods (sterilization, visectomy). These attempt to separate the sexual act from its procreative potential and block the total self gift of husband and wife.

I agree, this all too wordy for what should be a simple: "no, no contraception is ok". However, I think the YouCat recognizes that we live in a Culture, indeed a culture of young Catholics, that are used to asking WHY. The Church isn't getting "soft" on contraception, it's simply answering in Charity and Love the answer to young people about contraceptions. The problem in the past is that there wasn't an explanation so people criticized the Church and left with bitterness. Now the Church is explaining things. Anyway, how could the Pope himself have recommended this book AND written the introduction if it was heretical?

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Thanks for the comment! I was discussing the Italian language cersion of YouCat. I find it hard to believe that the Italian can be so far off from the English version, but there it is. At least the English version is clear, and I pray that they will ensure that the other versions are accurate as well.

Anonymous said...

The Baltimore Catechism was only used in America...