Saturday, March 29, 2008

And the Vigilers vigiled. Sort of.

Well, I arrived at St. Peters Cathedral at around 4:30 this afternoon to check in on the folks from SDACT. I was happy to see that the vigilers were not loitering around outside the cathedral, but rather, were over at the prayer garden next to the rectory.

Propped up against the fence was a sign reading "Parents Supporting SDACT".

I strolled over to St. Peters, unsure if the vigil Mass began at 4 or 5. I pulled open the door and stepped inside. Father Connor was busy reading the Roman Canon, and a full house of worshippers knelt down in adoration of the Eucharistic Lord.

I walked back to the garden to take an official count of the vigilers. There were 12, probably not the support SDACT hoped for, but 12 is better than none, I suppose.

Now, in our prayer garden, there are brick posts with plaques containing the mysteries of the rosary. The SDACTers were praying an Ave Maria together as I approached. A few looked at me as I started shooting pictures.
SDACTers praying the rosary. Those Sorrowful Mysteries always crack me up too...

They prayed for awhile, then some fellow who seemed to be in charge started going on about how the Bishop doesn't talk to his own priests, because he has Vicors for that. He also mentioned his hope that "very soon the priests will step in to end this thing, enough is enough." He remarked how priests from some big diocese somewhere voted to remove their Bishop because he was a bad administrator or something to that effect. There was general merriment at the thought that the Bishop might somehow be thrown out of power, and by his own priests!

Then some of the people announced they were going, they were thanked for their support, and about 3 or 4 left.

The rest stood there, talking amongst themselves.

I got in my car and drove away at 5:02pm, 7 or 8 SDACTers left.

Now, I'm sure the majority of the SDACT Vigilers were yet to arrive, but what I saw wasn't too impressive.

Maybe there will more vigilers tomorrow, as Mass begins yet again at 6am or so, I believe. Another opportunity to be seen and to remind the faithful of the dreadful injustices the teachers must endure from our Bishop.

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