Friday, March 28, 2008

Another publicity stunt

I was all pleased with myself after Quizilla told me that I am as cool as Pope St. Pius X, when I came across this latest tidbit about everyone's favorite wanna be union, SDACT.

Ordinarily I would welcome this bit of news if I didn't think there are other motives involved here. I really doubt that the true purpose of this gathering is to pray for the intentions of the Bishop. It's designed for them to appear publicly, to keep themselves in the media's eye, and to portray themselves as devout catholics who gather to pray for the great oppressor of the SDACT, Bishop Martino.

From their blog:

This weekend, SDACT along with our parent and alumni support groups will be holding a prayer vigil for the intentions of Bishop Martino. The vigil will be held outside St. Peter's Cathedral on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton.
The vigil will begin at 4:00 PM, Saturday, March 29, and will run continuously for the next 20 hours, ending at 12:00 PM on Sunday, March 30. (You'll notice this vigil is set for peak times at the cathedral when the faithful are going to Holy Mass) Participants are encouraged to dress warmly, and to bring their own candle and a camp or lawn chair. We invite the general public to join us. The Diocese has offered to provide security and will allow participants to use the restroom facilities at Holy Cross High School which is located directly across the street from the Cathedral. We thank Diocesan officials for this kind gesture.

Yesterday I left a comment on SDACT's blog in opposition to the "sick out" held the other day at St Mary's and St Nicholas schools.

They didn't post it. They do post letters to the editor in support of SDACT however, meant to show the public support they have.

I urge you to write your own letters in support of the Bishop to local papers, and to the Bishop himself, and show him he has your support and prayers. He needs them.

I'll try to stop by their "prayer vigil" tomorrow and take some photos, and try to interview some poeple. I'll post what I can here.

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