Monday, March 31, 2008

Gays "commit" at Penn State

Well it seems that Penn State University, a publicly funded "hall of education" allowed four gay couples to "commit" on their (our) property Saturday. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not recognize same sex marriages or unions, or however they want them designated.

Having the sham wedding at a publicly funded institution gives them an feeling of normalcy, and projects the illusion of acceptance from the State. This is not further from the truth.

It irritates me that the liberal school would allow such a thing to occur on their campus. Even if the university has such a liberal agenda, polls have indicated that the majority of Americans do not believe in same-sex sham marriages. It only hurts their credibility.

Gays! Let me state this for the record.

1. Men and women are complimentary. Their parts fit.

2. Men and men are not complimentary, and neither are women and women.

3. Men and women, together with the commitment of marriage are able to create human life.

4. Dudes practicing amateur proctology are not so enabled. Neither are women.

In conclusion, men and women are able to create human life together because God made us this way. Tab A fits into slot B. Tab A does not fit into another tab A. And ladies, slot B and slot B don't work either. It is an unnatural abomination.

And for those that use the argument that male animals hump in the wild kingdom, please. Give me a break. We are not animals. We have logic, reason, and free will.

Except gays, it seems.

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