Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who's next?

Bishop Martino has been closing Catholic Churches here in the diocese at an alarming rate. In todays Citizen's Voice there was an article about the acceptance of proposals from outside firms for the purpose of determining the condition and value of the diocese's property.

"Proposals are due by 4 p.m. April 7. On being given written notice to proceed, the selected firm would start work immediately. Its staff, which should include architects, engineers and consultants, would do a building-by-building evaluation. The professionals would examine each facility’s roof, plumbing, electrical system, structural integrity, flooring, masonry and other building aspects and: Note their approximate age and make recommendations with cost estimates for replacement. Identify any apparent fire, safety and Americans with Disabilities Act issues. Estimate costs to upgrade facilities to current codes and standards. Rank the facilities according to which are in best shape.

An in-depth report to the diocese would be due Oct. 1. The facility study is one facet of a larger review of parish structuring, “Called to Holiness and Mission: Pastoral Planning in the Diocese of Scranton,” which began in January, Genello said. “It’s part of the comprehensive review that’s now under way of all of our parishes, and this includes their ministries, the demographics of the parish community, along with the number of priests available for active service in the diocese, along with facilities and also finances,” he said. Change within the diocese — including declining numbers of parishioners and a shortage of priests, among other factors — led to the review. Bishop Joseph F. Martino hired the church consulting firm Reid Group to assist in the planning. “In order to provide factual information to these communities while undertaking the Bishop’s “Call to Holiness and Mission” … where parish communities will be going through a self-evaluation to determine future viability, facility evaluations need to be accomplished so a true assessment can be made based upon current structural and mechanical system conditions,” the diocese’s Web site states.

As I mentioned elsewhere
I really don't believe the Bishop is moving in the right direction. If he had pushed this "Call to Holiness" when he first got here as just that, a true Call to Holiness, a return to our traditions, if he taught the faith properly, echoed the sentiments of our Holy Father, then he could have a true picture of our diocese. Instead, he comes in like the lion, closing schools, consolidating others, closing churches, and they aren't close to being done yet.

The spiritual health of our diocese is on life support and his answer is to close churches. Please pray for the Diocese of Scranton if you can spare a second.



Hasah said...

I feel your pain. In WNY we're having many closings too. I know the Catholic Church is doing well elsewhere except here in WNY and unfortunately by you I assume. I'm a revert, I was gone almost 20 yrs and came back this past July. I keep asking, "What would Jesus do?" He gave us a great example with fish, go out into the deep and cast the nets out again. I don't understand all the closings either.

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The Rockin' Traddy said...

That was quite alot of closings up your way. I'm sure our list will look like that by the time all is said and done.

I believe all this comes from a true lack of understanding what the problems we face are. The fruits of Vatican II I call it.

We can't evangelize because we are too busy ecumenising protestants. The Bishops main concern, and that of Holy Mother Church is supposed to be the salvation of souls. That should have been first, seeing to our own flocks.

Today, with the school closings here, and now the problems with these teachers, the divides become deeper and deeper each time something like this happens.

All we can do is pray that we overcome these obstacles.

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