Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stuck on Stoopid

I hate protesters for the most part. They are usually loud and annoying, and bother people that have nothing to do with what they are protesting. I know this guy that thinks he is a "performance artist". He likes to protest. Every Black Friday he walks around WalMart with an empty shopping cart, pretending to pick up items and look at them, and then put them back. There's a guy with too much time on his hands.

But anyway, the idiots in the picture above are protesters of the Iraq war. They call themselves the "Catholic Schoolgirls Against The War". They felt the need to protest the war on Easter Sunday, at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, by throwing fake blood on the parishoners. These genetic defectives have been charged with felonies.

Here's a bit of the article.

.- Six people protesting the war in Iraq were arrested after they disrupted an Easter Mass at Chicago’s cathedral and threw fake blood at parishioners, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The protesters stood and shouted at the beginning of Cardinal Francis George’s homily in the auditorium at Holy Name Cathedral. As ushers and security guards tried to remove them from the area, the protesters squirted fake blood on themselves and parishioners dressed in their Easter best.

Some of the 600 worshippers in attendance booed the protesters. The demonstrators, who call themselves “Catholic Schoolgirls for Peace,” chanted as they were removed, saying, "Even the pope calls for peace."

“And so should we all,” said Cardinal George, drawing strong applause.

A small number of worshippers followed the protesters into the lobby to berate them for their actions.

"Are you happy with yourselves?" Mike Wainscott of Chicago shouted at the demonstrators as they were being handcuffed. "There were kids in there. You scared little kids with your selfish act. Are you happy now?"

The six protesters, ranging in age from 18 to 25, were all charged with felony criminal damage to property and two counts of simple battery for squirting the blood around the auditorium.

A statement issued Sunday afternoon by Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War said it protested at the cathedral "to reach both Holy Name's large Easter audience—including Chicago's most prominent Catholic citizens, who commonly attend Easter mass at the church—and the many more viewers and readers of the local press, which usually extensively covers their services."

There are plenty of ways to protest the war. But not by disrupting Holy Mass. I'm sure we're not dealing with actual Catholics that actually know their faith and give due reverence to the Blessed Sacrament. Just some punks looking to get their names in the papers.

And now I get to make fun of them!


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